Partywear Unlocked

Party in Prison and everyone’s invited!

SYMPHONIC X ACTION CANCER stormed the Crumlin Road Jail last month, in jaw-dropping fashion as catwalk dramatics displayed a host of designer partywear ensembles fit for style queens craving that high-end, all eyes on me kit-out.

Let’s face it, when it comes to the party season we all want the WOW! factor. We want those heads turning when we walk into the room, dominating from the moment we enter, be it a penthouse gathering or an intimate soiree with the squad. Standout and take no prisoners and while you’re at it, take a look at these top ten party looks to help you celebrate like it’s your last night of freedom.

1. Spice Up Ur Life: Oriental influences have seen a strong revival on and off the catwalk of late, with floral embroidery, origami shapes and a kimono obsession for days. Belted, draped, structured and unbelievably opulent no matter the accessory, a kimono is a sure fire hit for partying the night away. Lizzie Agnew Kimono & Una Burke bag available at The Vault, Spires Mall, Belfast.

2. FAN-TASTIC: Hollywood glam with a 1920s serenity vibe, Shauna Fay updates the classic LBD with a luxurious lace fan detail on top. You really can’t go wrong with a little black dress. Especially when said little black dress looks like this. Dress by Shauna Fay.

3. Queen of the Night. It’s not just an incredible old school disco track by Whitney Houston. It’s also a wonderful nod to the Egyptian Queen with a love of metallic gold embellishment via a tapestry gown worthy of a televised awards show or too. Dress by Shauna Fay.

4. Lady In Red: Red is always a party favourite around this time of year, be it a splash or a full blown colour blocked option from head to toe. Stay clear of accessories, keep things minimal and contemporary and don’t forget to paint the town. Matching top, skirt & headpiece by Gordon Donaldson.

5. Chaneloween: Sorority queens scream til your heart’s content. Ostrich feathers and Chaneloween are not just for Emma Roberts and the month of October. Let your partywear mean girl soar in a sea of electric blue, complete with a feathery finish. Cocktail dress by Haus of MoHawk.

6. Shine Bright Like a Diamond: Everyone’s ultimate go to. The sequin gown. Floor length, form fitting and fashionably on point. Not to mention backed up by a metallic sheen to command both appreciation and attention in just one gentle wave of illumination. Sequin gown by Haus of MoHawk.

7. Romance Isn’t Dead: Gothic, amorous and completely enchanting, a glamourous full sleeved dress, detailed with fine lace panelling. Kate Middleton, Olivia Palermo and Victoria Beckham would fight to the death for this one. I wonder who’d win? Dress by Honeysuckle & Pepperdillo.

8. Suit Yourself: Androgynous, confident, powerful and taken directly from the workings of Vogue, a trouser suit is the ultimate modern day queen-worthy ensemble for any sophisticated occasion. Add a tuxedo fit and a hint of gold and the night is absolutely yours. Suit by Action Cancer.  

 9. Long Live McQueen: For those looking to truly make their presence known, get inspired by the catwalk greats. In remembrance of Lee McQueen, find a dress that creates an other-worldly silhouette, fits like a glove and boasts an air of couture. Transform something old, add some tulle and sew on the odd feather layer and we’re in business. Dress created by Jamie Russell for Action Cancer.

10. The Wildcard: This one’s for the guys. Dior do it. Balmain do it. Givenchy do it, so why not get your guy to give it a try? Take a militant belt or two, add a fitted suit, pull them together and create a high end sartorial spectacular in an instant. Suit by Topman from Action Cancer.

Closing argument; Unlock your inner style Queen this Christmas, break out the partywear big guns and plead guilty as charged to not giving a flying f**k about the haters.

P.S. I am not endorsing any illegal activity this Christmas, just some really awesome fashion moments for the festive season, for yourself and your loved ones. Happy Holidays.

Written by Lewis Cameron. Fashion Editor & Stylist at Instagram/Twitter @beyondmanmag.

Photography: Colin Mulcahy
Catwalk Styling: Lewis Cameron & Jamie Russell
Models: CMPR
Hair: Stafford Hairdressing
Make-Up: Rebecca Bryson, Julia Clements, Rosie Prichard and Leanne Godfrey.
Location: Crumlin Road Jail
Event Director: Cindy McKendry.

Post Author: Belfast Times

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