Paranormal activities at Halloween

In the weeks before Halloween night ghoulish activity gets us all spooky about another realm to our known world. Whether that’s scary tours or paranormal tours (maybe they are the same thing to some) I always wonder if there is something going on. This curiosity isn’t helped when my parents talk of their Ouija board experiences as young adults in the 1970’s; spooky stories I couldn’t repeat here involving car crashes, recently deceased and hospital stays!

Back in my world, two years ago on a Sunday night I was part of a group to participate in a paranormal night in the Grand Opera House. It was a night of the creaks and groans of an old building finishing with a seance on the stage. Read all about it here.

In the darkness of the Opera House

Then there are the famous Crumlin Road Gaol tours. I did the very first paranormal tour of the Gaol when it reopened as a tourist attraction. I’ll never forget the young girls screaming and having to leave the tour before it even started out of fear of a long dead murderer coming to attack them from the other world.

Grainne even read up on some ghostly stories for a G Spots! recently. Haunted houses and Slipway ghostly encounters, it’s enough to leave you hiding under the bedcovers trying not to have nightmares.

This week our only ghostly encounter was this paranormal video from Dominos Pizza of all places. Their pizza restaurant in Bray has been reporting things going bump in the night. So they called in the paranormal team. It all just reminded me of our Grand Opera House night when those paranormal researchers visited with a vast amount of high tech and specialist equipment for a night of ghost hunting.

Hope you’ve had a great Halloween!

Jeff x

Have you had any paranormal experiences?

My wee pumpkin from my local Spar

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