I am my own wife

The true story of a transvestite…it always has the potential to conjure up images in your head of high heels, a big wig and a lot of makeup. So when you read about ‘I am my own wife’ currently showing in The Mac, and read that it’s about a German transvestite, well, your brain just wonders. Nothing could be further from what’s in your head though and if you think it’s not your thing and you don’t see this, then you are missing out on a very intriguing, poignant and wonderful play.
John Cronin (Glengarry Glen Ross, Richard III) plays the enigmatic Charlotte Von Mahlsdorf and 35 other characters in this one man/woman play.
Produced by The Mac and Prime Cut, I am my own wife, is an incredible story of a cross dresser from East Berlin during wartime and communist Germany.

This award winning drama, the result of a series of interviews by playwright Doug Wright with Charlotte, is a true story of human survival with some unexpected twists.

In her lifetime, Charlotte became a bit of a German celebrity, but not without a fair amount of controversy. Some of which is touched on during the performance.

I am now intrigued and want to find out more about Charlotte…and surely to incite that kind of curiosity from me is an indication of an intriguing and touching story.

I am my own wife runs until 6th October in The Mac, with tickets from £9.50

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