Open House Festival: Jurassic Park

1993 was the year I fell in love with cinema and it’s really all down to one film, Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. It’s a film I owe a debt of gratitude to, a film that inspired my love of cinema, the first film I ever bought using my own pocket money, and a film that even though I’ve seen dozens of times I’ll apparently sit in the rain for 2 hours just to see it again.

  And that’s just what happened on Saturday night as I and many more braved the Northern Irish summertime weather to enjoy a classic film, put on as part of Open House Festival’s programme of themed screenings throughout August.

There’s not too much more that can be said of the film itself that hasn’t been said in the 22 years since it’s original release, though its timeless quality and generation spanning appeal were in evidence on Saturday night in Bangor’s picturesque Walled Garden as filmgoers of all ages were in attendance, sitting in their ponchos (happily provided by the event staff), clutching flasks of tea, undeterred by the driving rain. It even provided an extra dimension to perhaps the film’s most iconic scene, the first arrival of the T-Rex. As it was raining on screen it was raining off it too.

But even the poor weather couldn’t dampen the spirits of those viewing the film; in some cases possibly for the very first time as a good number children were there with their parents. It’s nice to know that the dinosaurs can still inspire wonder in the eyes of the little ones in this current age of superheroes and Transfomers dominating our cinema screen. There were gasps and even a few screams. Though there were some tired eyes by the end – including those of your humble movie reviewer – most were able to stay awake while some had to be carried back to the car, but as far as I could tell an enjoyable night was had by all.

Plus, I got a free poncho.

by Jonny Cardwell

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