One Summer Day


That was some day yesterday, as the Queen, who at nearly 90 years old got to work on another day of her Jubilee tour and then the skies opened and flooded Belfast!
I’m pretty sure there’s absolutely no connection between the two, but it was a momentous day all round.
I’m also pretty sure that it my late 80’s I’ll not be out and about waving to crowds in a convertible, I’m more than likely going to be sitting at home eating biscuits, drinking tea and reminiscing about the good times….and maybe even Belfast Times.
After the Queen rocked the city and greeted the 22000 guests at Stormont, the skies emptied as our momentous Summer weather continues to amaze us.
Seriously rain…we know you need to keep our fields 40 shades of green, but you don’t need to rain for 40 days and nights and flood us out of the City!
Anyway…it’s my birthday today ( age will remain undisclosed :/ ) so I’m going technology free for a few days as a wee treat….how will I cope?
The next you’ll hear from me, it’ll be a GIANT night out on the Titanic slipways. Let’s hope the the rain stays away.


Thanks to all the tweeters out there for tweeting some great photos!

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