Nicky Cahill: Bushmills Whiskey Mint Julep


 It was a rainy day in Charleston when I dived into the Gin Joint to seek shelter from the droplets of rain, that were threatening to make it under my hat, and down my neck. The bartender was mixing Mint Juleps. The classic cocktail of the south. Pulling up a chair, discarding my dripping garments, I asked him to pour me one.

I watched as he muddled, and stirred, crushed ice and poured bourbon from a height. It was fun.

A silver Julep cup, filled with cone of ice and a light crusting of ice forming on the outside of the metal was placed in front of me. In the South, it’s all about the ice, and plenty of it, because ice, sure does melt fast, in the swampy heat.

It looked as appealing as it tasted. Sweet mint with the soothing smoke of bourbon.

  Having recently been working on some Bushmills 10 Year Old Malt cocktail recipes – whiskey lemonade anyone? – I knew this whiskey with its melted chocolate overtones, and hint of smokiness would make a lighter Mint Julep than the traditional bourbon based one.

This cocktail has few ingredients: mint, simple syrup, bourbon or Bushmills 10 Year Old Malt, and ice. That’s it, simplicity at its finest.

Creation could not be easier –

Bushmills Whiskey Mint Julep Recipe

Serves One


▪ 3 fingers or 3 ouces of Bushmills 10 year old malt
▪ 1 ounce simple sugar syrup
▪ 3 ounces bourbon
▪ 2 bunches mint
▪ Crushed Ice lots of crushed ice

1. Muddle 4 mint leaves in the bottom of a tumbler or Julep Cup
2. Pour the simple syrup over the muddle mint and muddle a little longer
3. Fill with crushed ice
4. Pour over the Bushmills 10 year old malt and stir until well combined
5. Add more ice and a sprig of mint
6. Sip slowly

Fig, Cashel Blue and Spinach Salad

I have had requests from various readers for more salads. This fig, cashel blue and spinach salad is perfect all year round, whether as an accompaniment to roast or BBQ’dmeats, on its own, as part of a buffet or a starter. It also works perfectly as a light Al Fresco lunch.

It uses one of my favourite Irish Cheeses – Cashel Blue. I recommend a glass of chilled rose to accompany it. My current tipple is this Cotes du Rhone Rose from Marks and Spencer.

Fig, Cashel Blue and Spinach Salad recipe


(serves two as a main or four as a side)

▪ 1 bag of baby spinach
▪ 5 figs cut into eighths
▪ 200g of Cashel Blue
▪ 1 tbsp runny honey
▪ 1tsp apple cider vinegar
▪ Handful of dried cranberries
▪ black pepper
▪ optional extra – slices of grilled pears, pieces of bacon or chicken handful of salted almonds or honeyed cashews.
▪ Serve with some toasted wheaten bread or slices of cranberry and pecan loaf

1. Arrange a three or four handfuls of baby spinach on a plate or bowl
2. Set on the pieces of fig which have been cut into eighths (quartered then each piece slice in half again)
3. Crumble the Stilton cheese over the top
4. Mix the honey, black pepper and cider vinegar together then lightly drizzle over the top of the salad, scatter over the dried cranberries.
5. Serve immediately
I don’t feel this salad needs salt, as the cheese is salty enough.

By Nicky Cahill

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