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Conleth Kane is 31 years old and originally from Lurgan in Northern Ireland and is now entering his 13th year of living in London. The former RTE Television Reality TV star released his single ‘River’ at Christmas and it was one of the most played songs on Cool FM and Downtown Radio over the festive period. Conleth has appeared on stage with superstars PINK, Jessie J, Pamela Anderson and our very own Liam Neeson and appeared as a student doctor ‘Paul Bridges’ in BBC 1’s longest running hospital drama, ‘Casualty’ back in 2009. No stranger to appearing in the press, Conleth brings his hugely successful ‘Conleth Recommends’ GNI Magazine column to ‘Belfast Times’. Check it out for all best places to eat, fashion labels to check out, cosmetics, music, TV, Theatre and much more!


Hi Everyone! I’m so excited to have a new column in ‘Belfast Times’. I had a wonderful 2 years writing ‘Conleth Recommends’ for GNI Magazine and I’m thrilled now to be joining this wonderful team. I really do believe in treating yourself. Work hard? Play hard! I was home in Belfast over Christmas appearing in ‘Snow White’ at the Grand Opera House and really got to see just what Belfast has to offer! There are some amazing shops, places to eat and I want to share with you what I would recommend doing on a night out, or what to treat yourself with whilst shopping!

  Product of the month: JASON SHANKEY – BEARD OIL

Ok. Now I have had a beard for coming up to almost 2 years, and I seriously do not know how I coped without this product. It’s fantastic! Beards are very trendy at the moment and salons and barbers are seeing a massive increase in the Male-Grooming industry. I go in and get my beard groomed every 10 days. It’s natural for us blokes to have some irritation and redness under our facial hair and I always used to deal with it by applying some moisturiser but it never quite did the trick. Whilst at home at Christmas, I went into the Jason Shankey salon in House of Fraser and Brenda Shankey did a marvellous job of my beard and then applied the Jason Shankey Beard oil. I left with a bottle and I haven’t had any redness, flaky skin or anything. It leaves my beard feeling and looking incredibly soft and shiny and to top it off, it has the most amazing aroma (cedarwood and rosemary) – a very subtle masculine smell that lasts for hours. I went to my barber the other day in London and he applied another beard oil and I could tell the difference immediately. I just ordered some more Jason Shankey Beard Oil from the ‘House of Fraser’ website and I collected it the other day in London. Men with beards, give this a go! You won’t look back! It’s very affordable too! Just £9.95 and lasted me a whole month!

  What to go and see: CHICAGO the Musical (Grand Opera House, Belfast, Sept 2016)

Ok, we all love a good night out, and one of the sexiest musicals is about to go on sale soon at The Grand Opera House in Belfast, so get in there first if you want good seats. I have seen both the stage show and the movie (starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Renee Zellwegar) and they are two very different experiences. The show is currently touring the UK and my mate John Partridge is starring as ‘Billy Flynn’. I worked with John two years ago in Pantomime in Birmingham and this man is a superstar on stage. This man is the real triple-threat and a great person. His work ethic is brilliant and I really look up to him. John is best known for playing ‘Christian’ in Eastenders but he has just completed a stint in possibly the most controversial series EVER, of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. I thought he came across brilliantly and at times wondered how he managed to hold it together amongst some of the people that were in there. Also starring in the show is 2013 X-Factor winner ‘Sam Bailey’ who will appear as ‘Mama Morton’! The show is bursting with Musical Theatre Favourites ‘All that Jazz’, ‘Mr Cellophane’ and many more! Expect sexy choreography, sizzling stage action and a very talented cast telling the story of two sisters who were famous in Chicago for performing a double-act, who then get caught up in a controversial murder trial.

  How to get fit: BIKRAM YOGA LISBURN (

Bikram Yoga changed my life. I remember thinking ‘Oh you have to be flexible, fit, toned to do yoga. Yoga is for middle-aged women etc etc’, but this really is not the case. Like everything, the first or second class can be a tad overwhelming but then you rapidly notice just how much your mind and body benefits. I went to my first class in London back in 2007 and I have never looked back. Bikram Yoga is a hot yoga practise and it is based on a series of 26 postures. The class never changes which is the beauty of this yoga, so you always know what to expect in a class and you can monitor your progress. Bikram Yoga has really changed me as a person. I am 10 times more patient than I used to be, I sleep better, my skin is better, I eat better food as a result because my body craves all the right things, I have a much more positive outlook on life and I definitely notice it if I go for a few weeks without doing it. At Christmas when I was home, my pantomime show schedule just didn’t permit me to be able to attend any of the classes in the Lisburn studio and my body was needing it more than ever. If you have a busy life with work, or are experiencing a stressful period in your life, or you simply just want to tone up and lose some weight, then I urge you to give the Lisburn studio a try. Call in and speak with the lovely studio owners, Erin and Tony! They have an intro offer available to newcomers. Check out their website!

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