Nashville cast rock Belfast

The cast of Nashville brought their country vibes to Belfast last night for the last of their tour dates this side of the Atlantic.

The hugely popular TV show brought their live tour to the UK and Ireland and all the #Nashies came out to enjoy a fantastic night in Belfast. 

Cast members Clare Bowen, Chris Carmack, Charles Esten, Jonathon Jackson and Sam Palladio performed songs from the series and some original material.

What did we think of each artist:

Clare Bowen was etherreal and dreamy like a little pixie with her wings and beautiful voice.

Chris Carmack, the man with a passion for the blues looked and sounded fantastic.

Jonathon Jackson, probably the most rock star performer of the cast, he closes his eyes and gets lost in the moment and he scored a stand out moment of the night with a tribute to his wife of 15 years. 

Charles Esten, Mr Charisma! This guy brought the energy to the SSE Arena with more energy and charisma than anyone on stage. 

Sam Palladio, the one who got the biggest cheers as he appeared on stage. The audience clearly adored him,

What a fantastic night and one of the best gigs we’ve ever seen in the SSE arena!

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