My thoughts: The 39 Steps

Mid way through its run at the Lyric Theatre, The 39 Steps is currently selling out most nights. It will probably continue to do so for the remainder of its run after a number of fantastic reviews. 

It’s hard to write a review half way through a production because your expectations could be altered due to the initial awesome reviews after the press night…. And for me, having read snippets of the reviews, it made this one a bit daunting!!! Why? Well, it seems I’m in the minority.

The 39 Steps has it all, it has a superbly talented cast of four who play over 100 characters during the show, and on a few scenes they chop and change characters so quickly that you watch them and wonder how on earth they don’t get confused. Extensive rehearsals I would image. It has a genius, creative and ever changing set. I watched in amazement as it morphed effortlessly and subtly through the scenes. Watch out for the train scene, so simple a set, but works a treat and is used so creatively that you’d almost think it was real! Or the slow motion scene, even less complicated but again, it genuinely feels like the production has been put on half speed. Such is the magic of great theatre and acting.

The timing of the cast of four was amazing, synchronised to perfection. Their coordination was spot on, every time. Everything in theory was perfect!

So why am I in the minority?

Right from the start you’re straight in to spoof comedy, very much like Monty Python or Faulty Towers. In fact it was almost channelling John Cleese and Michael Palin. Most people love and adore these shows, and that was very clear from the laughter and applause throughout. They all just got it, and I  unfortunately didn’t get it! My sense of humour (I think I have one, maybe not though!) just doesn’t stretch to spoof and tongue in cheek. And that’s why I was in the minority for the duration of The 39 Steps.

The reviews have been amazing, the audiences are loving it, each night is almost or has already sold out. It seems this is the production of the season and if you like this genre of comedy then you’ll LOVE The 39 Steps!

Jeff Meredith

Run continues until 16th April

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