My thoughts: LEPER & CHIP at the Lyric Theatre

  My thoughts: LEPER & CHIP at the Lyric Theatre

Leper & Chip arrived at the Lyric Theatre last night for a 3 night run in the Naughton  Studio and we went along to check it out.

The two person play is billed as a ‘high octane, blackly comic love story – a fast paced modern day Romeo & Juliet, set in contemporary inner city Dublin. Boy meets girl – but set at breakneck speed.’

In fact it was such a breakneck speed with a strong Dublin accent that I struggled to keep up with the story. Yes this old life long hearing issue of mine scuppered my chances of hearing and understanding what was being said on stage and had the potential to ruin a superb night at the theatre.

Even though I pretty much missed most of the story apart from the very obvious use of f’s and c’s I had an awesome night at the theatre. I was transported into a world of first class acting and appreciating two actors for their visual performance rather than hearing the words they said.

What was very clear to the audience was the passion and commitment from Conall Keating as Leper and Amilia Stewart as Chip. They gave it their all and by the end of the very short but fantastic production, I was nearly as overwhelmed as the two brilliant actors on stage.

It’s a simple but effective set with basically a screen with a lower row of red light bulbs and a higher level of white light bulbs and the two actors giving their all in front of it. Their timing and interaction was perfectly synchronised, their acting was a pleasure to watch and even though my hearing meant I was unable to understand what was happening, my eyes witnessed a great piece of highly enjoyable theatre.

At only £10 for 45 minutes of fast and frantic Dublin city life at 100mph, Leper and Chip is worthy of selling out and standing ovations.

Blink and you’ll miss it.

By Jeff Meredith

Leper & Chip
27-29 October 2015

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