My Culloden gym journey continues

Week two of my eight week programme at the Culloden gym ended last week and I’m still there!


I only managed two sessions during the second week…and during the second session Christine, who had just finished with another client, came over for some encouragement. She noticed I was a bit slow at getting stuck in, but after a bit of encouragement, I apparently totally redeemed myself and finished a good workout.

I’m definitely seeing an improvement in my routine and increase the workout just a little each time.

What I have learnt though is that eating right is vital. I did attempt one workout and I hadn’t eaten the right food that day and I struggled..really struggled… I should know better!

The gym part is a pleasure, always has been, but getting the diet to match isn’t always so easy. Saying that, I have another pound off so I must be doing something right. I read somewhere that to get a pound off a week you need to strip 500 calories off your intake every day. Hey….cut the chocolate and treats and I’m there!

So here we are, Monday morning again and after an indulgent weekend, I’m back to the fab Culloden gym again this evening!

Oh and hopefully this week I’ll squeeze in one of their many classes..maybe a spin class or Christine wants me to do some boxercise.

One thing I need to remain focused on is the diet so I’m not wasting my time at the gym.

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And come back next week for another progress report .

Keep on getting #fitforsummer !

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