What does your mum really want?

20130307-093208.jpgIt’s only a few days now until we show our mums how much we love and appreciate them. This year it seems to be more full on than ever with a whole weekend of activities in Belfast and businesses are really pushing the theme in the hope of inspiring you to buy the perfect gift for your mum.

Most recently to pop into my mailbox was a survey carried out by the Fitzwilliam Hotel who wanted to know what our mums really want on ‘their’ day.

According to the survey, the most savoured present of all, with 89% of respondents choosing it as the ‘best’ gift was some quality time away in a (preferably) luxury hotel…although mums didn’t expand on whether this was with or without the kids.

Conversely, the ‘worst’ present ever received ranged from burned or undercooked home cooked meals (50%) to household appliances (30%) socks (10%) and even power tools (10%).

Thankfully though one piece from the survey saved the day for me and that statistic was that 79% of mums simply wanted to ‘spend time’ with their family. I liked that because it’s not all about how much you spend or how big the present is, because I know from my own mum that all she wants is to spend time with her own family and to see us all happy. There is no expectation of a luxury hotel break or a big gift, just to show the love.

Obviously the Fitzwilliam are hoping you’ll spend some time with your mum by having a delicious 4 course lunch in their lovely restaurant. I guess that does sound like a good plan though, hey it saves loading and unloading the dishwasher! And even better is that all mums on the day will get a free gift from The White Company.

For further details on the Fitzwilliam Mother’s Day package available, please contact The Fitzwilliam Hotel on 028 90442080 or visit www.fitzwilliamhotelbelfast.com

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