Mother’s Day gift idea: It’s not all about pink!

  Marks and Spencer are breaking new trends this year, as their Mother’s Day selection of treats isn’t all about pink packaging. The retailer has broken with tradition and introduced yellow, blue and purple as well as the now traditional pink. Pink was afterall only selected by reatailers in the early 1900’s to be the colour for girls and blue for boys, so here we are in 2016 with M&S mixing things up a bit. I love!!

Their Mother’s Day treat selection includes cakes with pink or blue tea pots, or Sea Salt Caramels in pink or blue. The whole collection for your mum’s day this Sunday is based around beautiful spring flower packaging in a range of colours. 


We love the Mother’s Day cake! 

I’m sure my mum would love some cake in amongst all her other treats, especially an M&S buttercream cake.    

Check out the Champagne Truffles, handmade nougat, boxes of chocolates and let’s not forget the thing M&S probably do best for your mum, flowers.

Their selection  of flowers for Mother’s Day is always colourful and a visual feast, with a rainbow of colours, bouquets and potted plants. Orchids are always a great purchase as the flowers will last for weeks, maybe months!

Happy Mother’s Day.




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