#mondaymindfulness : Take Time…

Happpppppy Easter Everyone.

Oh how I love easter, the change in weather, family and friend get togethers and time off work!

Time off.

Now there is a difficult word for a lot of people…. ‘off’

We live in a workaholic time of achieving, success, having to have ‘stuff’.

We wake up daily and start with ‘to do’ lists and run busily into the day to tick all of our boxes that we set ourselves.


What time in the day do you stop, rest, recharge and Halt?

These are ways in which to become mindful of you, it’s not rocket science and it’s not difficult it’s a matter of simply being aware.

Aware that you cannot do everything, have everything or please everyone.
So your only task in the day should be to take time to look after yourself.

Self care is the biggest most important thing you can do to look after you.

I don’t mean buying gucci handbags and nights out with the lads. I mean a few moments everyday to sit still, look around you and appreciate what you’ve got.

See that this is you and no one else can compare to you. See your qualities and strengths and know your weaknesses.

When you are aware of you, then you protect yourself more. You plan a day so you can make the best of yourself.

Be with those you love being with and be aware of things, places and people who trigger you.

This will happen daily but if you are aware of what annoys you, you can protect your personal space so it doesn’t affect you loads.

All this comes from space, time off, looking at who you are and what makes you tick.

In the space you become prepared, prepared for the day ahead and knowing that what will be will be but it’s how you react and behave with life is all that matters.

You can change situations instantly by your reaction and behaviour. It’s how you see the world that causes your reaction.

So on this holiday time take a minute to sit alone, listen to your surroundings, see where you are and breathe.

Concentrate on your breathing and look inside.. Who are you, what are your values and beliefs, what makes you angry and sad, what uplifts you?

Then note that you are not always right, your opinion is only your opinion so when you look at your mind see if today you really need to go into that argument, see if you really need to shout at someone, see if you need to be angry or is it simply your thinking!

So think think think, never trust your first thought, breathe and see is this the best reaction I can have to this situation today?

Take time off for you and always assess who you are… Today be aware and try to be the best version of you!

Happy easter my lovelies xx

Brenda xxx

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