Monday mindfulness: All is not as it seems

All is not as it seems!

After a rather unusual week of what I would say a lot of people feeling low.

The weather has been unbelievably wet and thundery, the mood was gloom and there just seemed to be a general sense of irritability.

I'd had a few encounters during the week where it occurred to me that people suffer alot of pain due to 'illusions that they think are real'.

What I mean by that is, say someone puts up a quote on social media, the person reads it and thinks it's about them, then they become paranoid and anxious and actually create an entire drama of negative thinking and behaviour that isn't even real.

Firstly the quote may not have been about them , secondly they've no evidence it's about them and thirdly if it's actually about them why do it even matter?

Which brought me on to my other subject of social media and how we perceive it in comparison to real life!

We see pictures of people having the time of their lives, partying, buying things, being in beautiful locations and we make a judgement based on what we see.

Now I know that most pictures people put up are doctored, there are many apps for facelift, body transformation, complexion changing and most popular is filters!

I have to say I love filters myself, but I know I'm creating a nicer picture than I've taken. I know I'm adjusting reality! So I am aware of my behaviour.

However I have played with plastic surgery apps and facelift apps and whilst they were fun I knew they were too fake, too far removed from reality and that actually I didn't look like that at all.

I deleted those apps after curiosity killed me and I thought hmmmmmn it would make me self conscious if I knew I was say thinning my figure or removing my wrinkles and then if people met me they would think mmmmnn she's much different in real life!

Whilst I love social media and communicate so much with people via social media I do know the dangers and they lie in illusion of reality and that then causes insecurities, paranoia, jealousy, worry, fear and massive self esteem issues so let's say it can have massive impact on ones mental health.

We compare our lives to others , we see what we think we'd like and are then disappointed in our own lives creating unhappiness and discontent.

Our youth I fear are surrounded by this and it goes further we get bullying, game playing and trolls all having an oppinion on what we say or put out on social media.

I may be an adult and have great awareness of this and even then I sometimes am shocked at the critical comments I get but am big enough to let it go and know that when your out there having an opinion your leaving yourself open to judgment and others oppinions. So I look at their comments and allow everyone their opinions without really dwelling much or taking it deeper and if it's really aggressive I just delete and ignore.

Now our teens and kids may not have this wisdom and compassion toward others so look at the effects words especially in writing may have on their inner chat.

We have sucicide rising dramatically in the young and I think social media and the illusion that everyone's life is brilliant has a big part to play. 

So where does mindfulness come into this you ask?

Well mindfulness teachings teach compassion toward others , letting it go processes and calming the nervous system to manage overthinking, panic attacks and anxiety plus it aids better sleep.

So when we learn basic mindfulness techniques we gain knowledge on how to cope with others, how to cope with life and how to manage our emotions., feelings and reactions all to benefit us by keeping our inner chattering quieter and our negative reactions less.

Over time with mindfulness practice you learn intuitively how not to let stuff bother you so much.

The wisdom of mindfulness is invaluable in dealing with living and the results are you simply learn how to live a more accepting and content life ,or for me I've learned not to let people bother me so much. When bad things happen I learn to accept it better or I react assertively without anger and beating myself up for saying what I feel.

The list is endless on the benefits and goodness knows where my mental health would be had I not learned and practiced such vital life skills.

The live video on Friday hit a nerve with so many which goes to prove we all know social media is good but can be unreal yet we know we get sucked in and we need to know what is real and how life really is!

So happy Monday my lovelies and speak soon x 

Brenda x

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Thanks guys x 

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