#mondaymindfulness :You can run but you cant hide! by @brendashankey

You can run but you cant hide!

A wise man once told me ‘beware of destination addiction’.

He says where ever you go in the world your head is always with you.

In my naivety at the time I didnt quite grasp the real meaning of this saying but I really do now.

Every day, every minute, every hour, only you are with you no matter where you are.

You can be having just as bad a day in the carribean as you are at home, you could be in the worlds best hotel and still not be happy.

The moral of the story is everything begins and ends in your head.


Do you ever see the poorest kids in the world and yet they are always smiling, they are without food and shelter and have nothing, yet they smile.

Imagine if everything you owned was taken away from you, think for a minute what would make you happy, what are your true values for happiness, what really matters in your life?

When you strip back everything life becomes so simple, we don’t need much to survive, we don’t need what we think we need and when you look at your own life from this perspective all of a sudden nothing actually matters.

We put so much pressure on ourselves thinking ‘if I had this, if I went there, if I had that relationship…I would be happy. Well all this does is cause us stress, anxiety, disappointment and removes our gratitude for what we actually have right now.

Assess your situation today, what are the great things you have right now, are you able to survive on what you’ve got? For that is enough.

When I get myself into moments of anxiety I have to pull back and say ‘what does it actually matter?’ Think about the whole situation and take a few minutes rain check.

Do I actually need to get myself so fussed and cause myself pain or am I causing unrealistic expectations of how I think my life should be?

How I think my life should be and how it actually is are usually so far from reality I have to bring myself back to the moment and see it as it is and always drop my expectations.

I constantly have to drop my expectations of myself and others.

Expect nothing and you will never be disappointed!

If I could live by that motto I would save myself so much wasted energy on how I think my life and other people should be.

So for our Monday mindfulness today I guess its letting go of what we think our life should be and how it actually is.

For when we have expectations we don’t meet or when others don’t meet our expectations only then do we have disappointments in life and only then do we cause ourselves pain.

So go with the flow and just allow life to simly be today…Everything is exactly as it should be!!

Brenda x


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