#MondayMindfulness :Working with our inner critic

Working with our inner critic.

I had a live video blog at the weekend where I discussed my inner critic and how sometimes I listen to the negative chatter and in return it leaves me feeling fatigue, emotional, unenthusiastic, anxious, panicky, afraid and wanting to withdraw and be alone.

Now when I began studying mindfulness 7 years ago I found it through the channel of wanting to quiten my mind.

I didn’t want numbed by medication I wanted the ability to control, listen, understand and change my inner critic by myself.

After intensive research and study I found my answer and it was through meditation, mindfulness and CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy).

Here I finally found the tools for me.

I found out about my thinking, emotions, behaviours and reactions but even better I found out I could change them all!

Anything I wanted to change I could, so I started to practice, go to courses, do qualifications and experience how a mixture of all of these practices could help me.

In no time people began to ask ‘what are you doing, you are so happy and calm?’

People saw the difference but more importantly I felt the difference.

I couldn’t believe that I reached the age of 40 and this information was unknown to me, I was stunned.

Why is this not taught in schools and education it’s more important than anything, knowing how to manage your own mind , yet everyone laughed at me for doing meditation and no one understood mindfulness.

With fire in my belly I stated to grow, I learned about life and people and living and I began to embrace my new found passion.

After 4 years I decided to write a book as I still couldn’t understand why this wasn’t known yet everyone could benefit, absolutely everyone!

I was passionate to teach kids as I thought, if only I knew this when I was young I wouldn’t have suffered so much as an adult and maybe if my sister had known she may not have died at 32, because all she talked about were the voices in her head and how they drove her crazy!

I knew at this stage that the brain before the age of 12 is a sponge and absorbs everything so we become the adult we are through our experiences and learning before 12.

12-18 the brain is in its mid stage so still very influential and then 18 we are adults so off we go into the world with this brain thinking our information is perfect!

Herein lay my quest to train in kids mindfulness I needed to give kids this information and know that they would have this for life!

So 7 years later I’m here, the word is out there and people are listening and through hard work and determination I became that children’s mindfulness coach that my soul drove me to be.

I coach adults and groups and last year I completely left my old career behind.

Yet of all my blogs the critical thinking and self critic got by far the most reaction.

My inbox filled with thanks for sharing you’ve helped me lots, what can I do for more help.

I truly believe in this generation we need like water, stillness.

Our days are so frantic, manic and busy we have become addicted to phones, laptops, iPads. All mental stimulation so our brains are never resting and that’s why mental illness, sucicide and addiction are at an all time high especially in our youth.

There’s a waiting list for counselling in schools, kids as young as 4/5 are seeking counselling for mental health issues.

So I don’t apologise for my drive to help and I will continue to deliver what I know, through my own personal experience and what I’ve learned.

But what I’ve learned most is we are all human and no matter how much information we know, we all make mistakes.

The mind can trick us and control us like me last weekend it was three days of not knowing why I was so unsettled before I worked it out.

Compassion is one of mindfulness beautiful lessons, having compassion for yourself and others, so I did, I didn’t beat myself up for having a low time I identified I’m human and let it go.

And finally a BBC program last week helped chronically ill people with chronic pain and illness by reducing most meds and introducing mindfulness. The proof is here!

So if I can help you discover mindfulness please feel fre to contact me.

Or download my audio book Be Fabulous from Amazon on kindle or audio for instant access to my guide for living!

Have a wonderful week and speak soon.

Brenda x

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