#MondayMindfulness with @brendashankey : Be childlike today!

Be childlike today!

Sitting the day after Mother’s Day when I had a most beautiful afternoon with my children and husband.

Nothing fancy, nothing glam, nothing expensive. Just time with those I love.

We went for a walk with the dog, played some board games in the kitchen and ordered in a Chinese for dinner.

Simple priceless time. Time that we treasure with the memories we make.

The special bit for me was the 60 minutes round the kitchen table in my comfies, no makeup and so relaxed. No phones allowed just time spent together talking, laughing, interacting and enjoying each others company.

The walk in the park is my favourite part of my day.. everyday. I take 20 minutes and walk the dog with my children. We talk… No phones. We ask about each others day, they listen to my day, I listen to theirs.

I ask about their life, what’s going on, what interests them, what the don’t like.. everyday experiences.

My son says everyday ‘how was your day mum?’ my heart melts.

The greatest day was one time I had had a rough day, a few difficult encounters and people rattled me to anger and frustration.

I said, ‘son I didn’t have such a great day, people made me cross and I’m so annoyed and angry. I’m just so frustrated. They said this and that it’s not nice.’

He said in a 12 year old manner. ‘Things like that happen every day in school mum. People are people and always do things we won’t like, you need to not let it bother you. Really it’s life! ‘

I was stunned that such wisdom came from a 12 year old. I soon realised we are all here to help each other. Just because someone is older, younger or different,  doesn’t mean they don’t have a lesson to teach us.

You see, life is the lesson and everyone is our teacher.

The good people teach us love, happiness, security, support, togetherness and who we want to be surrounded with.

The unfortunate experiences we have with people teach us basically how we don’t want to be, act like or behave and what values and morals we may be thankful we don’t have.

Learn from our children the fun, carefree nature of how they live in the present moment, enjoy every experience.. When they cry 2 minutes later they’ve forgotten about it and moved on, they don’t hold grudges and go on revenge trips for weeks and years to come.

They accept what is and kiss and makeup, move on and don’t have enemies.

How beautiful is that and how sad as adults we adopt a mind different to that of our children.

My daughter also had a job over Xmas and she was asking for her pocket money on this particular day I was busy finally I said ‘why is this money so important today’?

She gave in under juress and said ‘mum I’ve been spending my pocket money all of December on the homlesss. I go and buy coffee and chocolate and take it to them ‘ my heart melted. She’s 15 and I thought the money was for her Xmas presents for others. What a beautiful gift she gave without me knowing.

You see taking time with your children or anyone is priceless, you never get time back.

So make every day a day of value, put phones and laptops away, switch off social media if only for 20 minutes and consciously talk to those you love or want to spend time with.

Walk and enjoy the moment, listen to others and make their lives count.

Time is irreplaceable.. Make time.. you will not find it again.

Look and love children watch their innocent non judgemental behaviour.

They do not judge, critise or hate. They love themselves and see beauty in everything and everyone.

Be your inner child today… Have fun, do not judge and love time!!!

Mindfulness is living in the moment and accepting life as it is without judgement!

Brenda x

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