#MondayMindfulness :What is mindfulness?

#MondayMindfulness :What is mindfulness?

Happy Monday!

Mindfulness what is it?

What’s this word everyone is taking about?

What does it do, what does it mean?

It has magical results yet its unknown and not understood.

It’s simply quieting the mind, listening to the mind and learning to understand ones self without judgement.

Bizarre, difficult yet liberating!

I’ve been practicing over 6 years, have picked up qualifications along the way, used it lots, stopped using it and tried it again and I now know it’s the simplest easiest way to get on with life.

I qualified in childrens mindfulness two years ago and it’s become my unbelievable passion.

The result with children is incredible, it’s heart breaking and it astounds me how 6 weeks of coaching relieves children of their anxiety, fears, nervousness, deals with bullies, concentration, exam pressures, calms their overthinking, helps them sleep unaided instantly, the benefits are endless!

Such a fulfilling career I’ve been drawn toward only through trying to help myself!

And the real beauty is there is nothing I haven’t experienced, suffered and recovered from which is why as a coach I’m so empathetic yet know the solutions.

So mindfulness Monday today is don’t criticise anything until you try it, what works for one may not work for another and yet I say again, who are we to judge anyone.

Mindfulness is living a life without judgement and that power alone changes everything!

To book coaching sessions my website is www.brendashankey.com

Or email bshankey@gmail.com

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