#Mondaymindfulness :Understanding emotions

#Mondaymindfulness :Understanding emotions by Brenda Shankey

As I draw nearer to my book launch I’ve had to do two years case studies on children, their behaviour and how they under their emotions.

The simple reason I’m passionate about this project is because children mainly don’t understand their bodies, their thinking, what makes them tick.

They live on auto pilot because no one has really explained to them the workings of the human body and why we have tears and tantrums.

This is where mindfulness in kids education is vital, we are now dealing with a new generation of techno kids where they learn life via an app or I pad. No human interaction, compassion or explaination at all.

So time to get back to basics, I’m afraid I didn’t know what the word stress or anxiety was until I was in my late 30’s now I’ve 7 year olds giving me a full low down on their stress levels. What happened to playing in the sand??

So although a lot of us don’t under what mindfulness is, we’ll its a human strategy that has been brought in by scientists to teach our new young generation how to manage their thoughts, feelings ,emotions and mental health because somewhere in the last generation it’s disappeared in the I pad generation of education and there are no explanation of feelings there!

So mental health for children that is now my new singular career, I am so passionate about the delivery of this to children and creating stable wellbeing amongst our kids and teenagers I’ve ditched my scissors for human development and education.

I do have a degree in education so the old roots never are far away.

I’m running workshops for kids but I must stress if you have a child with panic, stress or anger problems one to one sessions are the best result based ways forward.

If you want your child to be able to sleep, relax more and be Calmer then group sessions definitely.

My group starts this Saturday and I only take four so they get lots of attention.

May I wish you a happy, loving week with your dearest little cherubs and if you need me at all please contact me Bshankey@gmail.com.

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