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Time to shine

Wow what a week.

I simply cannot explain living in the moment when you have been on the bumpiest ride of your life.

Yes I teach mindfulness, yes I meditate, yes I run businesses and am opening another new business in 2 weeks time, I have teenagers, I’ve just buried my sister and separated from my husband after 18 years, I’ve moved to a new home, am getting used to living alone part of the week bla bla bla bla bla….

I broke this week, twice the emotion got me. I stood in work and my staff sent me home.

I literally couldn’t function..couldn’t.

My emergency bag of survival coping mechanisms froze. I was in a zombified state.

Is this grief, is it shock, is it loss of 2 major players in my life? I had to stop questioning why.

I had to remember that all I had to do was get through one day. Put one foot in front of the other and just breathe.

I know in my heart everything in life happens for a reason and I know we need to learn from our mistakes and misfortunes (as we see it) and yes 2 days later my heart had lifted and my eyes had opened.

I was once told a quite bizarre quote from a friend..’you can’t see until you can see, you can’t hear until you can hear ‘.

I didn’t understand this quote for a long time and this week I did.

The caterpillar became the butterfly. When you loose someone close you suddenly realise..life is too short.

You release the baggage and pressure you put on yourself as to how your life should be.

You realise that nothing actually matters except you.

Without your own emotional wellbeing you are actually wasting your own potential for life.

I looked at myself and thought my darling it’s time…time to shine.

Get up on your feet and live. Smile, be gracious for the opportunity of another day. Programme the inner chatterbox that indeed yes you are fabulous and today you will be amazing.

Value yourself so much that you will let no one steal your sparkle.

Don’t give one toss on anyone who undervalues who you are.

Save all your time, energy and love for those who do.

Get up and make sure you spend time with all those who care and appreciate you…just as you are.

Because today…it’s your time to shine because you simply are fabulous!

Have the best Monday ever and do whatever you care to do. Tomorrow is not a promise today is simply for you!

All my love 

Brenda xx

Excited about my new September courses. Positive living!

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