#mondaymindfulness : Through the eyes of a child by @BrendaShankey

Through the eyes of a child.

My baby girl turned 16 this week. I stood in disbelief as to where has the time gone? As a parent it’s wonderful looking at life through the eyes of a child. The wonder and amazement of everything new. The innocence and pureness of seeing things for the first time.

As adults we ruin the good.

We forget what life’s about and rush mindlessly through the day before we stop and even think about what impact have we had on the world today?
In our mind were we conscious of our behaviour?

Did we think of what we said, how we said it and who was listening?

The adult brain is very complex that’s why I’m passionate about pursing and delivering children’s mindfulness classes and more importantly one to one with kids under 12 to get their brain programmmed before it solidifies into what they see, hear and how much they behave as a teenager and adult.

You see all through my life no one ever taught me that I could change my thoughts feelings and behaviour.
I thought what I thought was normal and we were all similar humans with different personalities.

Until I learned the power of mindfulness and how as children we are what we have seen, who were were with and what we saw.

That is indeed the basis of who we are.

Imagine giving a child the power to know that they could change who they are, they could see the world though different eyes and more importantly change how they feel.

See their thoughts, feeling and emotions that lead to their behaviour and reactions to people and life’s circumstances.

Imagine knowing at 7 or 11 that you can change your thinking and behaviour.

Imagine being taught that life is a journey, you only have control over yourself and everything and everyone you are powerless over.

You cannot change the past nor predict the future so that you could control your anxiety and stress to stay calm in the moment, no matter how much disruption is going on around you. You can stay still, listen and choose the right path for you.

I feel to know this gift as a child is priceless and as our mental health figures soar especially in children we need to not poo poo the word mindfulness anymore.

We need to understand and know what it means. It’s taken me years of training and education and I still find it difficult to sit down and see that I am enough, I am good enough and I am OK. That my opinion counts and that my voice is worthy of being heard and I am worthy of respect.

Mindfulness to me summed up is brain training or brain retraining or simply education of the mind and simply how vast an impact we actually have as individuals.

But as a society to educate our children in this powerful tool is untapped, we haven’t seen the benefits because we are looking at the problem and not introducing the solutions.

Simply for our children and mental health care for tomorrow and need mindfulness education to be with all children before the age of 11.

Before the brain is solid and moulded… Before the child thinks their thoughts are real and that they must accept them. BEFORE we let a crazed generation of teenagers become adults. I know I live with 2 teenagers and am surrounded with them constantly.

Here is the age we see the impact of their childhood on their lives.

We need to instill love, kindness, freedom, acceptance, confidence, self belief, self worth, non critical thoughts on oneself.

The benefits are endless as I get up today on mindfulness Monday I try hard to get a few moments each day to be grateful for me, my life, my journey.

See the good in all things bad. Strange sentence but in my niaevity I thought everyone was like me.

Today I wish I still had the eyes of a child, non judgemental, just free, happy loving and giving.

Today I get up and the baggage of reality sits on my shoulders and I have to sit down think. What is life really about? Why am I here, what am I doing? I sometimes am so over come with the negatives I need to snap out of the sad thoughts and feelings, pull myself together and actually install a different attitude and reaction to my situation.

I work one to one with children teenagers and adults and I promise you factually change is easy before age 12. 12-18 takes time but it eventually comes depending on the mental health issues and medical diagnosis.
Adults well I’m still working on me and I will say no more.

Adult mental health takes so many guises so my BIG solution is 100% educate our children.

Break the mould.. Be free.

Have a wonderful day x x


Happy 16th to my wonderful daughter. I can only speak for me but if I’ve done one thing right in life it’s been what a beautiful girl she is. She is beautiful kind and caring, a loving wise soul but the eyes of an eagle watching cautious and non trusting of anyone until they’ve earned it. Fearless and non reactive to peer pressures and bullies. A strong independent woman who knows exactly who she is.

My pride and joy my girl.

It’s only in doing that we learn, it’s only in seeing that we believe its only in trusting that we are free. I am so grateful for the gift of motherhood and been given the gift of a daughter. I didn’t have mindfulness training when my kids were young so I’ve got to believe she is a product of what she saw which was all of who she become.

Let today be a game changer.. Just please just do it!! You’re worth it! So am I! Where ever you are just Waken up and see what wonder you’ve got right in front of you, see everything as part of your journey and believe that everything happens exactly as is meant just for you. It’s your life Waken up and see. Today is all you’ve got. Accept it and be free.

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