#Mondaymindfulness :The importance of you! by @BrendaShankey

The importance of you!

My blog last week had phenomenal reach. It was a voice of what I experienced in recent weeks but heart wrenching stuff and totally out of my control.

It had massive impact with lots of you and many personal messages to me asking advice and guidance on life’s issues.

I guess we all carry stuff we don’t need or want to with us, and we are all in the big game of life together.

However I’ve learned that we are all in this adventure together and no one knows what is around the corner.

But the one big message that comes through in all responses to everything is you need to look after you!

When asked who do you look after most we all answer within someone else first when really it should be you.

It really should be you!!!

Firstly you need to learn who you are, what makes you tick, how you operate and function. What your triggers are!

What triggers your emotions and behaviours?

How certain people, places or things made you feel.

A complete inner self look.

The process of looking at yourself is not for the faint hearted. Having an honest look at you… Your thinking, your behaviour, your emotions, your empathy toward yourself and others. Your opinion of yourself and the world.

Being brutally honest that if you can send some time each day working on yourself and being honest with your appraisal of you and in the appraisal where you find parts of you that you’re not happy with, then you improve on the self by firstly accepting that this is you and secondly looking for the best way to change what you want to for the better.

Life is a process of constant change and as humans we need to adapt and work with change and learn to go with the flow.

Being aware of who you are and what makes you tick and going with the flow makes a massive difference between living in happiness and peace and suffering from resistance and stress.

So by looking after you as the most important person in your life. You gain control of you. You gain awareness of what’s going on around you but most importantly when you have calmness and confident sense of self you manage life in the best possible way you can at that moment.

You gain acceptance that you do not judge anyone else and that they are entitled to live their life as they wish without judgement from you.

When you do not judge others and allow people to be people, there is a massive freedom for you. You simply let others be free and their stuff does not come into your zone.

So this week take a few moments and ask ‘What makes me tick? Why am I programmed like I am? How can I changed to be a better version of me? and most importantly what do I need to do to be mindful of how I live?’

Being mindful of yourself every day is a great start, showing kindness to others, helping others, smiling and reacting less than you should are easy ways to start.

Add in mindfulness for you is making the most of your day. Every day, adding happiness to your heart, adding education and knowledge to your mind and loving people as they are.

Remember each day is a complete new slate. You have time to start over ever day. Let the past stay there and try, just try to live each moment in the present.

Learn to love who you are and know that you are you and knowing yourself flaws and all is a very nice place to be.

Life is too precious and exciting to miss out on the love of today, so Waken up and enjoy it all!!

Love yourself as you’re the only one you’ve got! You live with you 24hours a day so treat yourself with love and kindness and remember you’ve only got you and you’ve only got today!!

Brenda xx

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