#mondaymindfulness by @brendashankey : That one critic! 

That one critic!

Why is it no matter how many people compliment us, love us and are friends with us, we always listen to that one critic?

I am so guilty of this I’ve so many people who support me, appreciate me, admire me and boom one person says something that hurts your self esteem and whoosh you’re down.

I had a battle with a critical person this week and no matter how much I tried to explain my actions the words got more critical.

I sometimes wonder, ‘Do we need critique to change?’ and yes it always makes me analyse myself and question am I doing the right thing.

Goodness in the past few months I’ve made more mistakes than ever, but suddenly I was all alone in life, I didn’t quite know how to handle myself. My inner wild child came out and after years of routine it was like being lost in the desert.

I was judged, critised and exposed, but hey who has the right to judge anyone.

We only learn from our own mistakes and boy did I learn hard.

I always say your mistakes make you and if people want to gossip and criticise, well are you putting bread on your table?

Words are the most hurtful spiteful things people can say, so always remember, I hope your grass is well green before you think you’ve the right to comment on someone else’s life.

Look after yourself, that’s the only person you should be interested in.

B x

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