#MondayMindfulness : Spring is here

Spring is here.

Hoorrahhh to spring, so delighted to see a change in the weather with brighter days, the appearance of the sun and a little increase in temperature.

 brenda in the sun 
Oh how it lifts your spirits when we see brightening in the morning and sun in the sky. We automatically feel good.

I often in my classes liken life to the weather.

You see… look at nature constantly changing – the seasons, they come and go, we don’t question it – we accept it exactly as it is.

When it’s raining we protect ourselves with the correct clothes – a waterproof coat, an umbrella.

When it’s cold we wrap up in warm gear.

When it’s stormy and gales we stay indoors and don’t go out until the storm settles or protect ourselves as best we can.

When the sun is shining we enjoy every moment, we relax enjoy the scenery and love the great weather.

 brenda and her family 
Now I often talk about accepting life without judgement. To do this daily you need to look at your life and see it like the weather. We don’t judge the weather, we totally accept it as it is, prepare ourselves for the weather we are experiencing and go with it. Accepting rain, sun or storm as fact without question and doing our best to endure the day (storm) or enjoy the day. (sun)

The flow of the weather can be turbulent it can be still, it can be frightening, it can be blissful, yet we go through the days and get to the end.

So our lives will change, things will happen, good, bad and outside of our control.

It’s when we try to control situations, have expectations of how our life should be and don’t want to accept the tough times that makes us struggle.

Try to look at things differently, would we enjoy the sun and bright days if we didn’t experience the long dark winter? Would we appreciate the dry days if we didn’t experience the endless days of rain?

It’s only when experiencing life’s storms that we appreciate the calm , when we experience the harsh coldness that we appreciate warmth and comfort. And how we know when it’s turbulent to protect ourselves and stay safe.

Can you see how we can cope with the weather without question, accept it as it is, deal with it and see it for what it is?

When we adapt this way of thinking to ourselves and simply accept every situation as it is but analyse how to cope with it. Suddenly difficult situations become manageable, unexpected situations become acceptable, traumatic situations become tolerable as we now know all we need to do is weather the storm.

This too shall pass.

Great words of wisdom for difficult times. Every day will come to an end. In times of great difficulty, emotional pain, distress, trauma please sit still, accept the situation and remember it will end, it will not last forever and it will pass.

Enjoy the adventure of life, enjoy every season. Enjoy the weather every day, do not complain. Simply prepare yourself for the day you are in.

Live in today, look around you, enjoy the moment, endure the moment.

Get outdoors, enjoy nature, be adventurous, be a child. Stop worrying about tomorrow, what if’s, who cares, start doing what you want to do.


I went glamping at the weekend with my kids, it was cold – we wrapped up, lit a fire, cooked our dinner, went ziplining and had adventure. We experienced the unknown, overcame fear, pushed outside of our comfort zones and enjoyed nature. More importantly we had time for each other, communicated without phones, helped each other in difficult situations, encouraged each other to succeed, laughed, had fun and made time together.

The only guarantee you have is today… Please, please enjoy it!

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