#mondaymindfulness : Smile with style! by @brendashankey

Smile with style!

There isnt anything nicer to cheer you up than to smile.

To cheer others up we simply smile!

I remember during one of my intensive week meditation courses they made us sit and smile, at first it seemed odd but actually consciously smiling really does have an impact on the body.

You can feel how it sends positivity to you.

I understand that we cannot be happy all of the time and it’s true as humans we need to suffer pain as part of being human.

However, knowing that you can add positivity to your self is a big bonus.

Life is ever changing and it’s unpredicatable.

Nothing is guaranteed and no two days will ever be the same.

We live in constant change and uncertainty.

How best to manage our cards that we are dealt is with a smile and acceptance.

When you gracefully accept what you have and know that this is your path you ease your own suffering.

When you know that everything is as exactly as its meant to be you give yourself inner peace.

And when you question nothing and accept that life is a classroom and there is work to be done and lessons to be learned but life is also a playground and its just as important to go out and play!

There we have it…Accept every day as it is, live, learn and play!!

Take the good with the bad, the happy with the sad and most of all see the value in yourself as only you have the power to control your mindset so make sure you are aware to be happy with your lot, accept yourself as you are, compare yourself to no one and every day is a new day, make sure it matters!!!

Brenda X 

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