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Notice and Allow

Hallelujah the sun is out and so is the change in moods!

It’s incredible how the change in weather affects our mood and everyone else around us.

The natural shift in daylight, that extra hour of brightness at night gives us more energy and a willingness to want to spend more time outdoors.

It’s funny how we forget that our bodies work with nature, we hibernate and rest in winter and have fun and enjoy life in the summer!

It’s a very easy way to describe your emotions and feelings and especially the acceptance towards others.

This week my classes were based on the mindfulness title of Notice and Allow.
Notice what’s going on around you and inside you and Allow it to happen.. Without judgement! Accept the things that happen, the people you meet and learn this:
We have no power over anyone else, we have no control over the weather, but we do have power and control over ourselves, our thoughts feelings emotions and behaviour we can change that!
Once you learn this and begin to work with the knowledge that you can change you then the magic begins.
Suddenly you notice what you can do and you Allow life to happen but you accept everyone else and let them go, sometimes it’s better not to walk into the storm, it’s best to sit still and wait, wait until the storm has died, go out but be protected and prepared for what you are walking into.

These lessons work magically with children however I find the comparison great as an adult to explain the body mind and it’s workings!

When I’m still, calm and don’t care what others say or do, life flows beautifully for me. It’s like the days lying on the beach with complete bliss, totall inner peace and calm.
Then when I’m anxious, angry or upset I’m in the middle of the storm, I’m getting swept everywhere, branches are falling everywhere causing damage and destruction, floods of water sweep things away and I’m totally out of control. These days happen.!
It’s life, storms come and destroy, we sweep up the wreckage and wait for better days.
It’s the same as our feelings and emotions, they happen, we can’t be happy every day but we can notice how we are and allow the fact that everything happens for a reason.

That’s our life, our journey so when we are aware and accept it makes the journey just a little bit easier!

I have to say I’ve gone all holistic this month.
I’ve cleansed, detoxed and rid my body of all internal junk!
It’s taken a month and wow some days I felt extremely tired, I was going through clearance so I was sweating, nauseated and headaches and that was only coming off coffee and sugar!

I knew though that it would pass so I hung on in there knowing eventually one day I’d wake up totally reenergised and indeed my skin radiated, I lost nearly a stone and I was full of energy but most importantly my mind and inner body was calm.

Now the start of keeping an eye on how I want to feel and what works best for me.

Our bodies are all different so find your own eternal bliss.

A great guide and cleanser is reflexology.
I had reflexology and acupuncture and whilist the treatment was bliss I did find it fascinating how the therapist can actually read your body from your feet.
It’s like a crystal ball reading, in a good way the lady freaked me out a little.
Let’s say I’d never meet this lady and she told me three things that were causing my health issues.
Indeed they were all built up emotions I hadn’t dealt with and when they go into the body eventually you get ill if you don’t release them.
If I say she told me exactly what was locked up inside I got freaked out and didn’t realise reflexology was so powerful at healing the body and mind!

Natural health is definitely the way forward for me and it’s intriguing learning from other Therapist’s who work with natural healing.
I had the beautiful Caroline Te (on my Facebook) she travels to your home and offers a wide range of complimentary treatments but I was surprised to learn she works with recoverying addicts and says the acupuncture is brilliant for cravings and balances the body.

Anyway, her and I sung from the same page so get in touch with me if you fancy Caroline popping to your home it’s highly recommended!

So as I float through my day I hope you have a wonderful day and I can’t mention enough please don’t suffer alone.

There are so many people who can help and remember that the sunshine after the rainbow, the calm after the storm and for the sake of one call- please make it, it might save your life!

If only we could see that it is ok to suffer but know all will be okay soon! That alone removes the pain and we must know our mind can be our worst enemy, so don’t believe everything you think!

Make that call, get reflexology, go to a mindfulness class, phone a friend.

We are all loved and valued and always more than we know.

So notice and Allow this week and see how the little things change!

All my love Brenda xx

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