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Well I must say I got stopped in the street every day this week by complete strangers and they all said ‘I love your Monday blog’.

Apart from being delighted I realised they all said the same thing and it was this.

They said you make sense, you’re real and you get life. You get the hurt, the pain and suffering but you are so positive you keep trooping on.

I write my blogs because I was once told if you learn wisdom from real life experiences and come out the other side share with people who may need the advice to make their journey easier.

I also had my class in stranmillis this week and my topic was self care, now I don’t mean buying stuff or getting spa days, I mean self care of your mental well-being or in real terms how we speak to ourselves through our inner voice.

The question I asked my class was ‘ tell me how many times in each day you compliment yourself’.

The answer from the entire clsss was Never!

No shock there, most of us walk through life in auto pilot and don’t even think about most of what we do, who we are, why are we here, what is our purpose?

Self care is designing a life for you where you create your own purpose to achieve your happiness self esteem and the value of yourself as a human being.

Most people just live without thinking, have no self worth or value and don’t know what their reason for being here is and ultimately that creates a high percentage of dissatisfaction and discontent with ourselves and our lives.

So one person said Brenda I’d love more tips in your blog telling me how to be more mindful, teaching me how to do something to help me as I want to do more mindfulness so I’d follow your tips.

So this week it’s self awareness, I want you to listen to your inner chatterbox, your inner critic, or the constant complaining you do to yourself everyday and that makes you have low self esteem and not value your life.

The tip is you must recognise that you are that inner critic, you are the one making yourself unhappy or criticising yourself for not being good enough. Mindfulness means being self aware and changing the negative mindset to a nicer one. So being kinder to yourself, compliment yourself on little things you do well in the day or do a gesture of kindness for someone else and actually take control of the inner critic and change the language you input to positive affirmations and go do things you’d like to do.

Nothing is impossible in this world and mindfulness is wonderful because it teaches us the wisdom of how to live that perfect life we want and it’s all through knowledge. practice, mindset, confidence, vision and changing that thought to you can have a wonderful life the secret is you need to learn it so join a mindfulness class, get a coach.

You have the power to change your life so what are you waiting for?

Time doesn’t wait for anyone, you’ve got to make the changes and it’s bliss when you learn how much power you have to create the life you want!

bshankey@gmail.com for coaching

www.tappytwins.com for schools

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