#MondayMindfulness :Mindfulness through difficulty and pain by @brendashankey

Mindfulness through difficulty and pain. 

Breaking down the pain barrier is the key we would all like to unlock.

Some of us are hard as nails, emotionless, cold as ice and point blankly couldn’t care less about others emotions or feelings.

Then you have the emotional buckets who care for everyone.,want to fix everyone and suffer greatly internally with panic, anxiety, emotional distress, sleeplessness, anger, frustration and barely make it through the day without a blip of some inner turmoil. It can last for hours, days weeks or months.

Once we try to battle our emotions ourselves, torment our friends, see the doctor, take exercise, turn to comfort foods, buy clothes and hit the self medication of booze we wonder how on earth and why do we have to suffer so much.

What is the root cause, why can we not shift the inner negative chatterbox.

And then when we don’t deal with the spirals at the beginning that’s how we end up with addictions, mental health problems and worst of all suicide.

So as I’ve worked with adults for years and mental health and saw the difficulties of non help and support plus witness and experienced addictions to watching the addict die and learning the ins and outs of the strength of mental health and how its not curable with a pill, rehab and just not taking the substance, it’s a lifetime of inner self help.

Probably the most dehabilitating illness I’ve ever had to witness until death and no one could help not even love of everyone who cared.

The best treatments or services.

So as a sufferer of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, grief, divorce and addiction there is not much pain in this life I have not suffered.

Though through it all I always knew there had to be an answer somewhere and I have finally found it, it has to be in the education of our kids.

We’ve got to prevent them from the suffering by providing them with the educational tools for their minds young so that they can self manage their own problems young in a healthy, positive way.

The answer is mindfulness.

Brain training in the mind and creating solutions to the problems they face.

The tools are so simple and the methods so easy to use so all I need now is to get out there and get to our kids.

I still run adults classes starting next week and kids on a one to one transform their fears and phobias.

So anyone teachers, youth leaders, parents looking for any advice pop me an email Bshankey@gmail.com and I will do my best to help.

As for pain of living and survival I’m afraid a day at a time is the only way to survive, you never know what a minute will bring!

Have a wonderful Monday
Brenda xx

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