#mondaymindfulness : Mental Strength

Mental strength: The ultimate fitness challenge!

Years ago scientists came up with the theory that to maintain good physical health we must exercise.

Hence the fitness industry was born and we know the theory that excercising is great for our health, burns calories, keeps us young and toned. The benefits are well documented.

So we try to get the exercise that suits us, instil it into our day and maintain some routine, if we miss it we often feel guilty, the body gets out of shape, weight piles on (with wrong foods too), and mentally we just don’t feel so good.

Now scientists are saying we must look after our mental health and the newest boom as you can see is yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

Historically nothing is new these practices and teachings are very old and have been catapulted into modern day due to our new frantic living lifestyle.

Now it’s recommended that the mind is of upmost importance to look after, healthy mind then equals healthy body.

With a high percentage of health problems being mental health issues and with the mind body connection, a lot of health problems are how we think about it.

Mindfulness and meditation are the new calming drug, want to sleep better, reduce panic attacks, fears, stress, anxieties? The list covers lots and yes, in an unbelievably simple strategy these mind strategies really really work.

We are all different, some of us suffer more with mental health issues and some of its is unknown to us why we suffer so much.

It’s slightly like comparing fat/thin, tall/short, the difference is we can’t see the mind so it’s harder to diagnose and harder to see what needs to be fixed or changed.

The hardest part is for those who need to look for changes yet the don’t, they believe that everything they think is real and factual and maybe we see different ways to them.

So how do we introduce mindfulness and meditation into our society now?

People don’t quite know what it is and how it works, all I can say is after years of practice and feeling massive benefits it’s definitely something I would recommend you try, go in with an open mind, no expectations just simply keenness to learn more about you!

Who are you, what makes you tick, how do you make you become the best version of you?

When the mind is calm and still it’s interesting the answers that come your way.

Stillness and calmness are great medicines and a great mind boosting workout!

So this week I ask you to think, what workouts do you offer yourself and if you could be mentally stronger would you like the opportunity to improve all areas of you!

I’ve a great mindfulness masterclass next Sunday feel free to join me for whet will not disappoint!

Brenda x

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