#MondayMindfulness : Mental health awareness month

In the month of May it’s mental health awareness month.

I’ve been asked to do a lot of videos, TV interviews, and written press on awareness.

My first TV interview was released yesterday and had phonenominal response.

I always say I wear my heart on my sleeve, I’m very open, honest and you will always know how I feel exactly at that time.

I am quite taken a back though at the amount of people who say I’m brave and courageous to speak so frankly.

I honestly don’t see the bravery nor do I see the courage in speaking so openly about my mental health.

13 years ago when I had post natal depression I was embarrassed to have ‘it’, no one told me what to do, how to deal with it and how to manage or cope with it.

Instead it is medication only treatment left to get on with life with no guidance or education.

Hence the battle for many years of days when it took over my body and mind and I was powerless in coping with the immense sad and overpowering negative emotions.

My light bulb moment came 4 year’s ago when I had a massive crash, the stress of life, married with anxiety, depression and burnout totally broke me and I had an emotional breakdown.

This breakdown was to be the biggest breakthrough as this time I knew that I had to identify the problems, the triggers, the negative thinking and change everything and everyway I was living as I knew that only in change would I conquer the issues.

It’s not an easy task looking at yourself deeply inside and analysing your thoughts, behaviour and reactions to see how you can change your automatic responses to be those of a more rational, positive response.

The breakthrough was indeed that you have the power to change your thinking and you have the power to overcome anything life throws at you and all you need to do is be aware, educate yourself on the mind and start to appreciate and respect exactly who you are warts and all!

We all have negative beliefs, negative critical issues and self esteem issues and we all have things we do not like about ourselves.

So how do you begin to deal with such emotional issues with compassion, empathy and the reprogramming of years of thinking we carry around every day?

The first step is the willingness to want to improve on your stuff!

Being gentle and patient with yourself during the process.

The practice of repetition and the taking time to build new habits into your thinking.

Not comparing yourself to others and accepting you are totally unique and your change will happen when you are ready.

And having the courage and bravery to ask for help!

I’m only brave in speaking out because I am passionate about the possibility to encourage others so that you can improve your mental health.

However the true courage is with you, speaking to a health care professional, a therapist, a friend… Anyone to see you on the path of improvement, peace and inner happiness.

The courage you need to believe in yourself, that you can do this and you will find out how to manage your mind to the best of your ability.

Obviously there are serious illness that are not so easy to help but if you are unhappy with you, your thoughts and mental pressures causing you anxiety, panic, fear, anger. You can make small positive steps forward.

So as it’s mental health awareness month… Have a look at yourself today. Be honest what could you change that would ease the pressure of living inside your head?

How could you start to make things happen and when are you going to do it?

Only you live in your head 24 hours a day so do yourself a favour and be mind aware!

Brenda x

For any further advice on mental health contact Action Mental health NI.

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