Monday Mindfulness : Make sure it’s amazing!

Thee excitement of a new year!

I love the winter season hibernation, time resting, time with family, friends, warm snuggly fires and cosy afternoons.

Then we arrive at New years Eve and we look back at the past year and look forward to a new year.

I really think in all my life’s lessons I have learned that the most powerful and game changing lesson I learned was look back at the lessons and enjoy the memories, learn from the mistakes you made and keep the knowledge for future reference.

Plan for the future absolutely write stuff down, get a plan in action, really look forward to and see where you want to go.

Herein lies my true life’s gift.. Knowing that there is yesterday and tomorrow is all very well and good. However all you have is today.

Live it, love it and embrace it.
Change your attitude to the day.
Keep smiling and be so grateful for being alive that all you can possibly do is to be happy.

Change your thinking.. Think how much can I make myself happy today, how much can I learn today, how many people can I love today, how many others can I help today?

Then comes this… ‘Brenda what if I’m having a bad day, I’m heartbroken over a relationship, my friend lied to me, my mum died and I cannot cope with the loss?’

All very human questions in a very changing world.

This took me a long time to practice, a long time to process and a very long time to come to terms with….
Go with your pain, heartache, suffering, sit with it and breathe, accept the situation as it is. Sit still for some time and listen to your body, deep breathes in and out.

`This too shall pass ‘ became my mantra I’d say it over and over. There are only 24 hours in any day, today I just need to get through this, I can do this! I will see the lesson in this pain when I’m ready to accept and understand my emotions, thoughts, beliefs and understandings.

If I don’t that’s OK too, we don’t need to understand everything in life, some things are unexplanable.

Acceptance is the answer, living in the present moment is the joy and loving yourself totally is true beauty.


For today I ask you to simply try… Try to be aware, aware of the moment, aware of your senses, your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Take a deep breath and SMILE. Look around you be so very very grateful for today, because it’s your life, it’s your day, you have control, you are in charge of everything…. Make sure it’s amazing!

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Be fabulous

Brenda xxxx

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