#mondaymindfulness : Live in the moment, by @brendashankey

St Patrick’s day celebrations and a great win at the rugby. It was definitely a great weekend for the Irish.

Then we have Mother’s Day coming this Sunday, a series of emotional celebrations depending on whether you choose to celebrate or not.

Mother’s Day brings up all types of emotions as we ponder on how we came into the world; it all was because of one woman.

I got that beautiful call from my daughter, ‘what would you like to do next Sunday?’ My children save their pocket money and treat me to whatever I want to do, see, have or go. I was never one for going out on Mother’s Day because everywhere was fully booked. I’d always preferred having it on a different day.

As my children have gotten older we cherish our days together. Last Friday night my son and I had dinner together and on Saturday it was my daughter and my time. Whenever they’re teenagers you’re grateful for any time they choose to spend with you.

You see it’s about the quality of time with any of our relationships that matters not the quantity. Whenever you get that quality time, no matter how little, you should give all of you at that moment because we will never have that moment again.

It’s those special moments that make life beautiful but the more we realise that we only have the now, we soon change ourselves to appreciate time. You cannot replace time.

So whilst the world of retail creates a Mother’s Day, a St Patrick’s day and a champions league cup day. Life itself is enjoyed more when you are aware that every day is all we’ve got and it’s up to us to enjoy it. Enjoy who we are with at that time and realise we will never have this moment again.

So try living in the moment every day, because you are the only one in charge of your day. You shouldn’t need a reminder from a retail calendar that you can enjoy and celebrate today, you actually have control and choice to enjoy every day even just for one moment.

Try it, try being conscious of this moment and being aware that why wait until Sunday to celebrate Mother’s Day, celebrate with everyone every day and watch how you can control the happiness and gratitude for your life, also you can control who you choose to be there and who’s not going to be there.

Remember negatively sucks your energy and if there are people you don’t want about, then you’re in control over your time, company and space.

Although as they say…you can choose your friends but…!!

How you deal with the family is up to you, I don’t think I’ve met a family without its quarrels yet!!

So living in the moment is today’s mindfulness message and I promise you, with baby steps of awareness you can soon change your life around!

It has been a week I’ve been proud to be Irish but every moment of every day I’m proud to be a mum! Thank goodness I’ve been blessed with the awareness to enjoy every moment and not needing a retail day to know the love and respect my children and I have for each other.

Every day is a celebration for me!!

Brenda x

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