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Oh my, what’s it all about?

Whilst loving life this week sunning myself in Nice and Cannes I then end up with a celebrity day of clients and thee most inspirational night out in Northern Ireland.

I then return to motherhood and running the teenagers on their very vital social engagements.

I met the NI football team, the movers and shakers,TV and local media…surely this is the life?

But what is the life?

What is it???

What makes us happy, this is the ultimate question?

The answered lies simply in your heart.

The whisper, the second voice, the gut wrenching feeling that you know you have buried deep inside of you.

Love….love is the answer to everything.

Love for yourself, others, and respect and appreciation of complete strangers.

And there is only one way to respect love and that is simply living in the moment.

Mindfulness, living in the present moment and respecting life as it is right here…right now..without judgement!

That is living with love.

Have a wonderful bank holiday my beautiful people.

Namaste xx


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