#MondayMindfulness :Letting go of the past by Brenda Shankey

Letting go of the past.

When I look back on this week it hasn’t been one of my proudest moments.

I messed up, I lost the plot, hid in my bed and didn’t want to cope with life at all. I had severe regrets, panic attacks and didst want to face the world. It was like my whole life crashed down around me and I didn’t want to be the adult and deal with it.

Well guess what Brenda, everyone messes up, everyone experiences divorce, death, new homes and having to start new lives, so get over yourself.

Emotionally this week I lost it, I was grieving the loss of my sister, my husband of 18 years, leaving my home of 12 years with nothing, working endlessly on 2 new businesses and devoting my time to the kids when I get them at the weekend.

All a bit traumatic at once and yes human being me hit the decks and as I best like to call it..I hit my own rock bottom.

The only good thing about this is I don’t like it down there. I hate the fear, the panic, the trauma and I look at why I ended up there.

Well it was pretty obvious I was running, I was brushing my feelings and emotions under the carpet, and more importantly I didn’t ask for help.

We all need help and support to get through tough times, we all need a shoulder to cry on and a support network.

I am blessed with thee best people in the life and my awareness this week was I need to be more honest and stop pretending life is OK.

Say how I feel, and let people help.

Just because I teach mindfulness doesn’t make me superwoman or exempt from making mistakes.

Take one day at a time, live in the moment and remember be kind to you.

Drop the expectations that everything has to be OK.

Some days all you need to do is put one step in front of the other.

Have a wonderful Monday.

Brenda xx

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