#Mondaymindfulness :Let’s change by Brenda Shankey

Monday mindfulness :Let’s change

Yesterday was my birthday and I had thee most wonderful weekend. I got spoilt wrotten by all my nearest and dearest and boy it makes you feel special. The many many best wishes on Facebook and social media and phone calls. It’s simply a beautiful day.

It got me thinking why can’t we adopt an attitude of such kindness more often, it only takes simple things, a little card, a small gift from the pound shop and automatically we feel amazing, both the giver and the receiver.

So my little mindfulness words for today are good old human basics values; look after others and when in giving we receive. The dramatic changes such small gestures make can transform someone’s day.

We all talk about mental health and isolation and the problems in our society, what are you doing about it? Who have you called on today, bought some flowers to or sent a thank you card?

Yes you, it’s all down to your actions.
Be a miracle worker today and let’s all try just for one week to be kinder, calmer, friendlier and thank people for the things they do we don’t normally praise.

Let’s change and be aware that we are making good changes and we will be rewarded with good luck and lifes little miracles.

Brenda x

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