#mondaymindfulness : Learning to value yourself by @brendashankey

Learning to value yourself.

As me I see the good and probably see the negative more.

However if it wasn’t for the good in me, my talents, my skills, my acceptance that I am indeed far from perfect but I have that down right stubborn determination that I will achieve what I want and I will be the best person I can be.

All very good in words we know, it’s the actual actions that count.

I was coaching 11 year olds this week pre AQE exams and I love the minds of children. They see life exactly as it is.

You show them a solution, they just do it.

I said my passion is to deliver mindfulness to kids because I look at adults and think holy smokes far too much complexity we have created over the years lol

No seriously the great thing about mindfulness is that I know we do have the power to change how we think, change our attitudes and behaviours, but like everything else, it comes with a few sessions of education and lots of self awareness and time studying who we really are and how and what we would like to change within ourselves.

You see the mind has an effect on the body and if we can get the mind stable we can reenergise and learn to reduce pain and stress and anxiety from our body.

As they say it takes time and time is our greatest healer.

So for a positive December I’m going to run group workshops in Belfast city centre on Sunday mornings to keep us less anxious and stressed through the Xmas period.

Date and time will be announced next week and I cannot wait to see you all there x

All my love bee xx

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