#MondayMindfulness : Keep it simple

Simplicity. My new word, my new mantra, and my new way of being!

I’m nearing the end of a massive transition. 

2017 they say is the year of clearance and change and boy have I been doing just that!

I’m not really in tune with the stars or psychic signs however this year I have.

I’ve been holistically healing my mind and body and whislst having holistic treatments like reflexology, Kinesology, colonic and card readings, these people all given me great advice and information about me that I knew yet hadn’t addressed!

I don’t know how they know but recently it’s been pretty accurate and I’ve gone with their advice much to my amazement it’s been liberating.

The biggest clearance I had to do was that of people, I didn’t like it yet I knew I had to for the sake of my peace of mind and wellbeing.

I’ve changed, grown and I want different things.

My values are strong and if someone grates me against my values for years I tolerated them and held the resentment (even without knowing) until eventually they showed their true worth and harsh as it is I had to walk away.

I’ve only just learned nothing is permanent, nothing lasts forever, friendships come and go and few stay in the end.

I’ve no answers why, why you are friends with people for 10/20 years and then you detach or drift.

I had a solid value of loyalty, I valued friendships and I was proved wrong.

So now I’ve learned the value of the old saying ‘ you can count your friends in one hand’, plus ‘ older and wiser!’

Truest words ever and yet I’m just coming to see the message.

‘Better late than never!’ As I write this my place to transition has been horrendous and at times horrific yet now I’m here in unbelievable peace, a place of contentment like I’ve never felt and I look around and I’m literally alone!

I’ve definitely got my fewest friends ever and definitely can count on one hand and let’s say my difficult times unwaveringly showed the true value of people and for that I’m grateful.

No more false fakeness just real peace, real value in those still wishing to be part of my journey.

It’s liberating to know you can survive alone, not needing anyone yet seeing those who are here are wonderful and valuing the gifts they have.

I’ve now learned detachment is a must for surviving and to be free we must let go of those who do not serve us well, difficult as it is, it’s essential for your peace.

My words of wisdom today are keep it simple. We have no need for material wealth, trying to impress others or wishing things were different.

We grow, we change and evolve as does our circle our circumstances and our situations.

So follow your gut, forgive, forget and move on!

Live in peace and when you have nothing know that you have everything!

Brenda x

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