#MondayMindfulness : It’s OK not to be OK

We live, we love, we learn, we cry, we mess up, we get it wrong, we do good deeds, we restart every day.

 Basically the emphasis on how we live is we get up and go.

The fundamental human longing is for happiness and to achieve happiness we look everywhere and try everything to get it.

We love the feeling of joy and love all that happiness brings.

Sadly it’s transient it comes and goes it’s never permanent.

The conditions we put on getting happiness are sometimes out of our reach, not available or make believe.

When you live in reality and see things as they are and accept your life as it is, to look around you and see true happiness of where you are and who you are with. With a bed to sleep in and water to drink, sometimes we need to look this closely to appreciate our lot.

Let go of judgements on others, judgement on things and places see the world through compassionate eyes. See the beauty in everyone over their flaws and let the small stuff go!

Be conscious every day of looking for good things, appreciate everything you’ve got and remember to love.

Love with all your heart everyone you meet today, try to be compassionate to others maybe realising you don’t know what they are going through.

Everyone has a battle they are fighting and when it’s internal it can be so crippling so kindness from you could be the only help they get today.

When you live in awareness of everything going on and focus on the good, you will see, hear and love the simple things in life.

When the simple things become acknowledged this is where gratitude comes in and from gratitude we get happiness.

And when in pain and suffering just hold on tight, for sometimes life takes it all out of our control and we need to trust that in time all will be OK.

But remember as a human being it’s OK not to be OK, get rid of emotions that need out, talk to friends, go for walks and as hard as it is try to accept you are where you are for some reason so ride the storm and wait for the day that happiness shows you what you were suffering for!

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Brenda xx

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