#mondaymindfulness :Healing after a trauma by @brendashankey

Healing after a trauma.

I have been working and researching for some time the link between trauma and the inability to cope with life during and after trauma.

What makes some people suffer greatly and how it makes those individuals turn to self medication to cope.

One of the key reasons for addiction whether it be alcohol, drugs, gambling, work, exercise and the rest is the minds way of avoidance and not knowing, waiting or being able to cope with your life’s situation.

Mental and physical abuse, death, sudden shock experiences can have a massive impact on traumatic stress on an individual.

It’s a subject that intrigues me greatly.

Where mindfulness comes in is knowing, being aware and recognising that you know something isn’t right.

We all know our body sensations, we feel fight or flight, we feel rushes of anxiety, we feel bubbling anger, we feel fear.

So being mindful is to firstly recognise the feeling, secondly breathe for a few moments and sit with the feeling.
Thirdly in sitting still identify why this feeling came into your body.
Then breathe again 5 times, big deep breaths in and out.

Bring yourself into the moment, what do you see, hear, feel, smell and taste.

Focus on the moment you are sitting in.

Then once you are sitting in the moments silence, have a look what caused these feelings in me today?

We usually know the answer, we always really know that our intuition is usually right.

So now as a human how do we deal with this?

Do you need to talk to a friend, go for a walk, listen to good music?

Or do you need professional help.

GP referral for serous ptsd.

CBT counselling is outstanding at finding out what in our mind creates the emotions, feelings and behaviour.

Any counselling that will help you is always beneficial.

Additive behaviour is only a short term solution which can lead to greater problems down the line.

So my mindfulness advice today is please do not suffer alone.

Every single human being suffers some type of traumatic experience in their lifetime.

So it’s OK to speak out about how you are feeling because someone will point you in the right direction for help.

Never be ashamed of your mental health it’s how you are programmed but the amazing news is, if you address the issue the reprogramming is the greatest relief from your own inner turmoil.

So remember you are human, address your feelings and behaviour and remember you are the only solution to yourself!

You are the only person responsible for your life.

So make the change, be brave enough to admit you’re not OK and the first step is always the hardest!

Look after your mental health, you’ve only got one chance at this life, make sure you give it your best shot!

All my love Brenda xx

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