#MondayMindfulness : Happy Monday by @brendashankey

Happy Monday!

Hooray spring has sprung and there is hope ! The sun has arrived ! And we welcome brighter nights. How uncanny that the weather and seasons actually have affect on our mood.

There is a medical condition known as SAD and I understand how much that could be very influential on your mental health, I definitely feel better during bright sunny days.

I think during the winter while I love snuggling in on dark nights, I can definitely identify how I hibernate and keep myself to myself in winter, because I can’t be bothered to weather the storm!

I arrived from London last week to Belfast and was welcomed to a storm, sleet blizzards, howling strong uncontrollable winds, as the rain ice cold whacked my face. Two days later and out pops the sun, beautiful calm weather and the skyline stunningly beautiful.

I found myself using this factual information to explain how much our thinking and body works like the weather. Some days we feel calm, inner happiness and really feel confident. Our thinking isn’t bothering us and we enjoy everyone and everything around us. Then we can feel frustrated, sad, angry and inside our bodies the adrenaline rushes to cause panic and anxiety attacks causing turmoil and suffering.

So during my Kids workshop I said “what do you do when you see the storm? ”
Most answered ‘stay inside and wait until the storm is over ‘, ‘ if you decide to go into the storm make sure you have the right protection on or you will get destroyed ‘. I then said what happens if you watch the storm, let it die down and wait. The sun arrives and with it is stillness and calm.

So simply acknowledge that your inner peace and happiness are related to the weather. Sometimes your body and mind experience a storm and sometimes it’s calm and peaceful. You can be calm during the storm or you can step into the blizzard and battle through the wind and rain. Sometimes you may have the correct clothing on so you are protected from the storm, sometimes it’s unexpected and you get swept away in the gales and battered by the sleet.

Have you control over the unexpected? No!
So if you are caught up in a storm unexpectedly what should you do?

Instinct tells us to run for cover or accept the consequences if we are stuck. Or we can have the right protection on and step into the storm prepared and protected, and wait until the storm is over knowing that it will pass and calm will always come in time.

Accept the things you cannot change .

We are powerless over others, what they say, what they do, the only power we have is over ourselves. How we accept and receive information and however we react and behave. When we accept responsibility for ourselves and know that is all we need to do, suddenly we become more accepting and kind to others, and when we focus on looking after our own business and behaviour we are so concerned about self development and self care that we learn how to accept others and not compare or judge. All of this creates wisdom, clarity and calmness.

This mindful awareness creates inner bliss and happiness. This is the key to life, live in the moment and accept life exactly as it is, no matter what is happening! Accept the things we cannot change and change the things we can!

Enjoy the sunshine after the rain and always remember you can learn to weather the storm.

Happy Monday all xx

Brenda x


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