#mondaymindfulness : Exam Stress by @brendashankey

Monday mindfulness: Exam stress by Brenda Shankey

I had a 10 year old girl this week and her mum brought her to see me because she’s stressed about her exams.


I said to the child how do you know what stress is? How does it make you feel? Why are you stressed at 10?

I looked at her mum and said “Did you know what stress was at 10? ”

The mum and I both agreed No we didn’t suffer stress as children and what unfair situation children are in nowadays to ‘be’ something or good at everything, good looking, stylish, slim, and how they actually known what stress is and how it has a massive effects on them from very young.

How can we stop this as a generation and who is responsible for creating it?

‘Generation perfect’. Completely impossible, no one is perfect, nor can they be;  but we’ve pushed our children to get a better chance in life, they’ve got to ‘have IT all’, whatever IT is has created the new generation of anxiety kids.

Instead of out playing in the park or garden they’re all under pressure to be just as good outside of school than in school.

They’re exhausted collected by parents and driven to the extra curricular activities not for fun but to improve them on their imperfections.

Are we the parents to blame, the iPad, Netflix or social media?

Now the new generation are all needing mindfulness coaches, special children’s psychologists, children’s yoga and chill out classes.

I got stress in my 40’s due to traumatic life situations and grant it I love mindfulness and working with children, but it makes me slightly sad that I feel it’s the adults who have created this generation of supposed wonder kids.

I beg us as adults to please let our kids be kids.

Does it really matter how much they’re doing if they are suffering anxiety, tantrums, can’t sleep and have panic attacks because they feel less than perfect?

Thought for today if you are a parent step back, be mindful and open your eyes…chill out, let your child relax, have fun. Get dirty, fail at something;  it’s okay not to be ok!

I have of course all subjects covered in my mindfulness book for kids, but since I’ve written it, listened to it and have treated (for my pilot) over 90 kids, I am now thinking this audiobook is best needed for the adults!!!

Download it, listen to it and send me your answers on a postcard!!

Download at www.mindcool.com, Itunes, CDbaby and Spotify

Or email me bshankey@gmail.com

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