#Mondaymindfulness : Enjoy the moment

Enjoying the moment outside of your comfort zone.

I’m not the best skier in the world nor do I confess to enjoy it.

 Brenda in the snow 

I have a husband who is a mad skier, loves every moment and is so keen to have me and the kids enjoy ski holidays with him.

As a mum I constantly open my kids to every opportunity available so they have good life experiences and explore as much as they can under my guidance.

This was my 5th season skiing and possibly the best.

Why do I keep challenging myself to things I don’t enjoy? Well firstly it’s the people pleaser in me wanting so much to have as many life experiences and memories with my kids as possible before they fly the nest to see the world themselves.

I also want to show my kids the example that even though I’m not good at something doesn’t mean I give up.

I try to show I keep trying no matter what to succeed, find a way and master the skill I romantically want to have.

They say spend time every day with children and old people… Why…

Look at children and their attitude to life, no preconceptions, no judgement, no worries about what people think. They get up, get on with it, don’t give up.. no matter how many falls, tears, problems… They find a way that suits them, that works for them and that they are happy to do.

Kids inspire me unbelievably, I love the attitude, the unwavering drive, the love of every moment and every experience.

 snow angels 

On another day on the slopes I was tired, the legs were burning. I was with a 72 year old and I stopped for a rest. ‘What are you doing girl’ he said, ‘my legs are burning’ I moaned. ‘For goodness sake look at me I’m 72 get on with it’, and at that moment I thought enjoy it Brenda, enjoy the mountain, rest when tired, take the mountain at your own pace but quit moaning.

You see we are all different, all at different levels, all have different experiences but it’s enjoying it all no matter what is what matters.

When I saw my kids attitude and my older friends skiing it was then when I took the pressures of myself, skied at my competence level and enjoyed it more because I wasn’t trying to romantically be a skier I’m not, I simply accepted my skill level and celebrated enjoying the luxury that I am on a mountain, enjoying the views, have skill level without fear and trying to be something I’m not.

It’s only when we compare ourselves to others we become disappointed in ourselves.

So accept where you are at, look at children and old people for life’s guidance and keep trying until you see you are happy with where you are at!

Move from your comfort zone every day even if just in your mind, without challenge we miss the adrenaline, we become bored, complacent, we miss the life experiences, loose sight of the fun of being our own motivator.




 brenda on the slopes 

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