#mondaymindfulness :Diamonds in the sand

Diamonds in the sand.

We wake up every morning and see what we need to do.

We drag ourselves out of bed and jump into some day new.

I think about my feelings and how I feel today and if at all it matters what I do or say.

Who is really watching, who really cares, because I often wonder of what they think as they stare.

Life has thrown me diamonds and glittering moments too but recently I analysed what am I here to do?

Why as human beings is life so hard sometimes? I often sit and wonder while I’m crying behind the smiles.

Is suffering really necessary or are we part of it too, messing up the plans that life sets us out to do!

I’m mindful of this moment and what it’s all about and how to make it easy without having to scream and shout.

I am cautious of people and afraid of being hurt by the words and lies of humans what price is my life worth?

So I’m going through some changes and now I’m nearly there, I’ve walked heartbroken through the tunnel of desperation and despair.

Then I get that moment when I get some light and I suddenly realise it is simply a journey on a flight.

Life has no reasons, no meaning or no sense, it’s a mystery to most of us on what is life’s intent?

The density of the darkness the wonder of the light, only you realise what your life is like.

I see when I am peaceful the diamonds in the sand and when I’m in the darkness I see only what I don’t understand.

So now I keep it simple, it is what it is and the only thing I’m here to do is learn what love is.

You have no power or control over anything anyone can do, you only have power really over you!

So get up every morning and be grateful for today, look forward to the moments that are coming your way.

Be mindful of your feelings and how to act and care and be conscious of every moment you live while others stare.

I cannot find the reasons for all the hurt and pain nor do I understand why people have to shame.

But that is not my business and now I understand I am simply here to learn, grow and give a helping hand.

I’m here to love the people who love me in return and I’m here to listen, laugh, grow, be a light and give back in return.

I have no idea what the day has ahead for me, but in my heart I know I simply want to be free.

Free to be myself, and simply to be me.

So I’m going to be mindful that only I can do, is have my own power to be special to you.

I cannot make it all change nor can I change what you do, but I can learn from my own experience what not to do.

Let go of the suffering, the guilt the shame and learn to let go and see the laughter through the rain.

Be a good human being , be kind and feel free, be aware of your actions and how they could affect me.

The mindfulness journey is interesting and many mistakes I’ve made, but finally my lesson is I’m no longer afraid.

I have to work hard at my feelings, my thoughts and emotions too because they are responsible for everything I do.

I love so very deeply and care a bit too much but all I want is freedom, love and stillness much.

To be aware of living and what it means today to everyone I meet and exactly what I say.

Life is no easy journey we wonder what to do but finding out first who really are you?

Everything for a reason, look at life that way because at this stage of my journey I have not much more to say.

Expect I’ve learned my lessons and now I know the key, the only one important thing is how I deal with me.

I understand my needs and need to get and plan that demands for future are not great for human man.

Living in the moment and loving every day and seeing the most spectacular things in everyone you meet and what they do and say.

The beauty of nature and who will understand that you are simply a human body sinking in the sand.

So learn about the beauty of diamonds and the wonder of the sand because that’s how we do it, we learn and understand, that people will be people who harm and hurt and kill but keep focused on the diamonds and learn to be still.

Be brave and be different, be you and be free, and remember every moment love, live and simply be.

Brenda Shankey

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