#mondaymindfulness :Coping with the unknowing! by @brendashankey

#mondaymindfulness :Coping with the unknowing!

Patience, tolerance, acceptance, calmness all beautiful qualities of the soul.

I aim to live in peace as much as possible. I get up every day and simply try, try to live in awareness that my goal is to try to get inner peace and share it with those genuine people around me. Such a difficult task in this life. Life throws up many curve balls sometimes by the minute never mind the day.

Age does bring wisdom but I think true wisdom comes from hurt, pain, betrayal, rejection and all the unexpected upsets we face. That’s when we truly learn, develop, strengthen and grow.

Happiness and peace is a job. It takes effort, action, education, and energy. You need to switch into your consciousness and develop your happy self. It’s a learned skill and with constant mindfulness of your self, your thoughts, actions and behaviours you can also create your own bliss.You are responsible for you. You have no control over life, people, traumas, tragic events, nasty people, all of this we cannot change.

However with a little mindfulness training we learn to look at the situation differently and assess how we would like to deal with the stuff.

At present we mostly work on automatic pilot, we sail through each day barely aware of our own behaviour, thoughts, words and actions so that simple switch of awareness can transform some situations.

Happiness can be learned, it can be taught and it can be applied to make your life easier for you. It’s all part of the mindfulness education programme for coping with life. For living in peace and for seeing life and people as they are. Removing the negative and enjoy the positive. Every day is unpredictable and none of us know what’s going to be thrown at us today.

So for today mindfulness Monday simply be awake, look around and give thanks. Thanks for the positives and if anyone has any negative effects on you…… Remove them immediately, don’t carry baggage you don’t need, life is hard enough without carrying unnecessary negative people with you. Free yourself, follow your gut and live truly. Always giving, always loving, always caring. Smile and the world will smile with you, share and you will be treated, love and be loved. See your gifts every day and flood your brain with real happiness. Be the change you want to see, be your own inspiration!

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