#Mondaymindfulness : Christmas cheer is here! by @brendashankey

Christmas cheer is here!

As a self confessed Christmas lover I just get excited about the joy of people having fun, nights out, giving and caring for others with more effort.

It’s a time when we thank and appreciate those who have been helpful or kind to us during the year.

I try to adopt this attitude a bit more regular than Christmas. Actually I try to adopt the attitude of gratitude daily.

I’ve always said radom acts of kindness should be considered daily in your mind, and the result is when you are kind and helpful to others daily you actually feel better.

So if you are having a bad day, feeling sorry for yourself, are angry or miserable, snap out of it and think… Who could I help? What could I do to help someone else?

It may be simply being nice to a work colleague, a family member or neighbour. Not necessarily spending money at all.

A smile, washing dishes, making a cup of tea. Forget about the selfishness of your own misery and I promise you when you distract your mind and focus on others or something else, your own problems ease away, even for a short while.

When you sit and feel sorry for yourself, moan and keep expressing your own problems they take over your mind and the negatives multiply.

So the secret of Christmas cheer is try to adopt it daily. In the simplest way but just try.

Compliment someone, smile, say kind words, let cars out in a queue, be pleasant. All simple kindness.

Scientifically it is proven this strategy relieves depression, anxiety, panic attacks and loneliness.

So adopt an attitude of gratitude every day no matter how little. Bring a little bit of cheer to someone everyday and watch your heart smile because you know what good you’ve added to the world!

I am still looking for volunteers to help on Christmas Eve to chop vegetables, and on Christmas day to wash dishes or serve meals, so if you can spare one hour please contact Sonya Mac details attached.

Have a wonderful Xmas all.

I will have to be brave as it’s a new day for me missing my beautiful sister who passed away this year. It’s all I can do is try to accept the change life has thrown at me. Personally I’m not happy at all but realistically I have no control over what life threw at me this year so the show must go on. As good old Frank sinatra says.. THAT’S LIFE!

Happy Christmas Erin keep smiling and we will all smile with you. Taken too young for whatever reason but I want to tell you, you have helped so many with your story. Thank you for the time we shared and teaching me to appreciate everything in life as it’s meant to be. I’ve never felt pain quite like losing my best friend and sister but stories have to be shared and lessons to be learned. Life is unpredictable, short and nothing is guaranteed. Please live life with love and happiness for tomorrow may never come. You never realise what you’ve lost until it’s gone so my lesson for today is please please appreciate everything and everyone you have in your life today. In memory of my beautiful sister Erin who died age 32 in July 2016. Happy Christmas sweet angel. Sending you all my love.

Love to you all this Christmas

Brenda Shankey xx

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