#mondaymindfulness : Change is the answer

When something has to change!

We have all been through tough times where we know in our heart of hearts that things have to change.

You know when you know that you cannot keep living the way you are living.
The idea of change seems completely unbearable yet staying where you are is completely ruining your soul.

The choice between the two has no easy option and both have painful choices ahead.

The place where you seem trapped either way.

Something has to give you come to the crossroads it’s here where change is the only option!

I’ve been in that place where I had to look at the long journey ahead and get the strength to jump, jump completely into the unknown, feel the fear and do it anyway.

This is the road less travelled because it’s much easier to stay in the uncomfortable place of familiarity than to take the gut wrenching leap of fear.

The dysfunctional place of living in fear, shame, terror, guilt, remorse, people pleasing and sheer unhappiness is the only voice we hear, we see no way out yet we know we are living a lie to ourselves!

The Voice tells you ‘you are not good enough’, ‘you can’t do this ‘,’ you will fail’, ‘everyone will be talking about you’, ‘you will regret this ‘!

You know all the self critical talk in your mind just attacking your self esteem a little more.

So how do you escape from this torture?

The answer is to challenge your thinking. Ground yourself and breathe, sit still and calm your body and mind and just listen. Listen to the silence, breathe through the anxiety and fear and let the emotions go.

Know that life is tough and accept the situation as it is today but it’s time to reprogramme your thinking.

Change the messages of your negative self talk to ‘I will be ok’, ‘all is well ‘,’ I can do this ‘,’ I am good enough ‘,’ I deserve to be happy ‘.

To do this you need to consciously change.

Change and challenge your belief system.

Accept yourself totally and acknowledge all the things you are capable of.
Tell yourself positive messages as often as possible.

Hold tight on the roller coaster and know that change is the only way, but you are the only person responsible for your life so you must do this.

You only have one chance, one life, one you.

Do not waste your time abusing yourself internally or allowing anyone else to do so to you.

Take the road less travelled and be brave.

Change is the answer… You can do this!

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