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Well first week into the new year and I still don’t know what day it is. My eating is still completely un controlled and I’m trying to write business plans for 2017.

Business isn’t easy, it’s the same as life, you’ve gotta put the work in to get results and then things aren’t fair, people steal or lie. Phone in sick and you’ve a full column of clients to sort out, move or cancel.

This year I’m trying something new but I thought it was moving to London. I’ve a few interviews this week but strange things happen and I think I’m going to take a complete u turn and change career completely.

I’ve been working with kids mindfulness for nearly a year now and I’ve been going lots of different pilots, group work, anger management, concentration, sleep workshops and guess what. . I love it. I love the kids and most importantly I love the results.. They don’t happen overnight of course and actually every judges different issues so it’s not a one fits all programme…

But the lesson happy kids, happy mummy’s, happy mummy’s happy families and then happy teachers…
So I’m going to to do three days a week one to one coaching with the kids, I work with teachers a lot anyway but the joy, delight, love and happiness to give kids the gift of self confidence and peace in their little minds is priceless.

I have been asked to take mother and kids classes in London and Belfast.

So I’m going to take the risk, take a fews months out of my life and deliver the tool kit of mindfulness to who ever is interested.

The only requirement is you need to want to learn to change and know more about yourself.

As adults the mental health problems are deeper so they are harder to change so quickly and that’s why my mission is to educate kids young so they have full control over learning how to use the techniques to help them with worry, panic, stress, sleep, breathing and unusual behavioural problems.

So I’m going to commute for a few weeks as a trial while I decide which path life is taking me on.

It’s time to change and whilst it’s scary for me, my gut instinct is right behind me.

So mindfulness lesson for today it’s possible to change negative thinking, over thinking and old past behaviours the secret is just learning how.

The answers are everywhere you just need to want to do it for you!

Not a plug at all but I’m finishing my audio book this Friday so for kids it will be ready for download soon and here are some of the beautiful comments I got from mums this week :

If you want to get in touch with me please email me at Bshankey@gmail.com or Brenda Shankey via Facebook

Have a wonderful week xx

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