#mondaymindfulness by @brendashankey :Oh what a fabulous week 

I have to say I’ve had a beautiful week; a week where my behaviours, thoughts and actions of the last nine months all came together and made sense.

I know I always say everything for a reason and I totally believe people are put in your path exactly when you need them. Either to give a listening ear or offer human guidance. After all, none of us have the right answer as how to live and who is judging!

As you know I’m intrigued by the mind, how it works and affects the body and soul; so this week I met with a friend for coffee on Wednesday night. Very informal and no agenda set, but near the end of the evening I got the light bulb moment. I’d been angry and frustrated with a person in my life for a while, I couldn’t understand their behaviours and actions, but it left me not knowing what to do and it did bother me for quite some time. Anyway the moral of the story is my friend was talking about something completely different, but explained exactly what I needed to do in my situation right now.

I truly believe we all need a sounding board in life, even just to rant, even if we are wrong. Just someone to offload the steam too. Obviously someone confidential who understands you as a person also where things will not be taken out of context.

So I left Wednesday night buzzing and reflecting on the reasoning behind my little upset. So that was a good coffee date definitely!

Then on Friday I had my first ever psychic card reading, I was so sceptical, but honestly, at one stage I had goose bumps,  the information was incredible. This lady was a nurse for 20 years and now heals through rekki and natural healing. If it’s something you’d like to do, I’d definitely recommend.

And to finish it all off I’ve been inundated with mindfulness for kids one to one sessions.

The one to one sessions are transforming the kids I see and to live a life where I can see the difference I make to young children, I am more than blessed.

Hence the happiness and contentment of my week.

Finally after the storm my calmness is shining through and Brenda is back!!!

Although this weekend while choosing Xmas decorations I burst out crying in TK Maxx. I’ve always gone shopping with my sister and this year she’s not with me. So I bought lots of hearts for my tree to remind me of all the love I have for her. Death has unusual little moments that just hit you and the love and loss of the person just breaks your heart.

So as I always say we gotta take the good with the bad. That’s the balance of life. Acceptance.

Love to you all and have a wonderful week Brenda x

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