#mondaymindfulness by @brendashankey: Never give up!

Never give up!

I sit in wonder and watch the world.

The sadness, the happiness, the cruelty and the generosity.

Every day brings a box of unknown none of us know what we are getting today.

How we handle it all depends on our inner wiring, our personality our feeling and emotions our values and conditioning.

Autumn to me reminds me of change, the leaves fall from the trees, they blow away, the wind removes them from their original place.

We need change in life and we need to look at what changes do we need to make, what leaves do we need removed from our branches. Look at the leaves like the toxic people, the gossips, the ones who make you feel uncomfortable in yourself.

Autumn is time to let the leaves go, no need for conflict or anger or even to address why you no longer want these people in your life. You know the answer deep in your soul.

Stand strong as the tree, stay deeply rooted and know you need to set certain leaves free so that you can hibernate in winter, rebuild your strength so that in spring you reblossom as a beautiful version of who you truly are.

Remember life is like the seasons, nothing or no one is permanent.

Everyone is a blessing or a lesson.

We all are human, we all suffer and we all make mistakes but the true beauty of nature is it doesn’t hold onto the old leaves it sets them free so as humans lets do the same.

If someone is not good for you in your life gently step away, set them free and learn the lesson.

Everyday we grow, we learn we change but we should be seeing the beauty in the changes of life not holding onto the rotten core that exists.

Get out today get a wonderful walk in that wind and kick those leaves and give yourself a kick too, a positive kick to look at where you are and have the strength to let go of what and who does not add beauty to your life.

Enjoy the autumn and look at the lessons nature is showing us!

I’m off to get my wellies and my warm coat, have a windy wonderful Monday!

Brenda xx

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    Michael WIllis

    (October 19, 2016 - 8:32 am)

    Very Inspiring Brenda

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